We Finally have Peas!

We had really good luck with peas last year so when we planted them in Veggie Garden 2.0 a while back we thought they'd sprout up in an instant

Clearly we are spoiled by great California weather and have no real knowledge of how long plants take to sprout.

About a 6 weeks ago things were looking pretty good

But still no peas (again, completely spoiled).

And then it happened! :) We were going in and out of the backyard last weekend to get tools from the garage for various house projects when we spotted them!

No, not the pretty flowers

PEAS! And lots of them

I pulled one of those suckers off and opened it up...

...and put it in my belly. TASTY!

I love growing peas in our backyard. Peas and tomatoes are the plants we've had the best luck with. And when I say luck, I mean it: we plant things, water them occasionally, and then pay them no attention until they sacrifice themselves and fruit for our impatient and greedy bellies :) Thank you plants! :)


Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

What?! I was excited for our first 60 degree day this year...abnormally warm for us...and you already have produce! Color me jealous.

meryl rose said...

I know, TOTALLY spoiled :) And we just ate some more of them yesterday, hehe :)