You'll Find this Hilarious

Meryl no like-y the paint color. Yup, that's right, not even kidding.

First up though, I primed the walls

And then while Chris worked on the floor patch I worked on painting the color on the wall

I really liked the color when it was going on

But as it dried...not so much. When I finished painting I rushed to help Chris finish the floors, then we headed out to a friend's house for dinner and so when we got home the paint was totally dry and we got a good idea of what the color really looked like. I couldn't quite put my finger on it and kept trying to figure out the right words for it, but Chris hit the nail on the head when he said "Neon, it's too neon."

Yesterday morning I tried to take pictures of it but I couldn't quite get the color right on camera

The color doesn't look like this in real life, the camera sort of calms it down because in person it is bright. It just doesn't go with the feel of the house. We've got more dirty colors. Some of the colors in the house are bright (like our kitchen) but there are still brownish undertones to them.

The biggest thing to me is that I really don't like the color with the kitchen color, it looks a bit like an Easter egg hunt to me

Chris didn't find the color as objectionable as I did, but he also didn't like it too much. I think he was just annoyed about the prospect of having to repaint. I told him I would do it all so he didn't have to deal with the headache.

Chris liked the original color and if we picked another color he wanted it to be darker. I told him that if I went to HD by myself and picked a color similar to the original, would he be okay if I started painting before he saw the color selection, which he said was fine.

So off to HD I went with paint swatches in hand to compare. The grays are the two front room colors and that blue is the TV room wall color we don't like and you can see how much more electric it looks (I didn't have Outback - our kitchen color - on hand so I picked up a swatch at HD)

I spend way too long at HD. I wandered between all the paint swatches holding them up to our front room and kitchen colors getting myself all freaked out. I narrowed it down to two colors after much internal debate

But finally settled on one

And do you want to know what the color is? Can you guess? I bet you can...

It's Rhino. That bottom left color that I'd originally wanted for the room and second guessed myself into changing my mind. Yes, that's right, I'm completely insane when it comes to paint colors and decision making.

So I brought home 2 gallons, cleaned up all the painting supplies, boxed the new paint, and got started repainting

It was going on REALLY gray and I got a little freaked out. I mean, I love gray but I was kicking myself for not picking a color and I was nervous Chris was going to hate it (because I went and picked the color and started repainting all while he was at work)

But when it was done and he came home, we both really liked it

Actually, Chris walked in, smiled, and asked me if I liked it :) I said yes, then he said he liked it too. I got a keeper in that one :) I told him to guess what color it was and he looked at me like I was a crazy person: hello, how can I guess a random paint color? Then when I told him it was Rhino he started laughing and gave me a kiss. Told you: keeper :)

Now that it's dried I love it even more

It still needs a second coat because this is only one, but the color is really rich and beautiful, at least I think so :) And it looks great with the kitchen color, no more Easter egg!

And I promise in person it looks a lot more green-y blue and not just GRAY. Here is is with the front room color

I think it's looking snazzy :) I can't wait to make the blue tones in it pop out more with the rug we pick, the fabric we choose to recover the couch and other fun accessories.

So, do you think I'm completely crazy?


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

You are definitely not crazy :-) The second paint colour is much better IMO.

If I were you, I would also consider painting that little strip of green in the opening to the kitchen the blue. I think having the blue stop at the tile is maybe a better/more natural transition as opposed to the blue stopping on that edge. Just an idea.

meryl rose said...

Ohhh, that's a good point. That way it wouldn't be tile, green blue all within about 9". Good idea...

Cheryl said...

That second guessing will get you every time! But once you get it right it is so good - Rhino looks lovely with the other colors.

I did a similar thing with our bedroom - I had paint matched to a coral color in the curtains. When the first coat was on I decided I could not live on the inside of a Pepto-Bismol bottle! Back to the paint store with the curtain fabric and matched to the pale peach background (my first choice that I talked myself out of). Been living with that for 25 years.

meryl rose said...

Glad I'm not the only one! :)

Kelly C said...

Yes, you are crazy but in a good way, lol! I think that's why I'm so hesitant to paint. I know I'm not going to like the color on the first try & it's so much work to re-do it! Yours looks great though!

Heather said...

I painted my dining room twice in one weekend, so you are not crazy at ALL. It looks great--good grays are so hard to find!

meryl rose said...

Thanks all you other crazies ;)

meryl rose said...
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