A Better Doorbell

Our doorbell is really quiet. When I'm at home I'm usually in the back of the house in the animal working on various projects and so I am pretty guaranteed to not hear the doorbell ring. This can sometimes suck because I'll miss a package being delivered that needs a signature. It can also be great if a Jehovah's Witness has decided to pay us a visit. Either way, we resolved that we needed a new doorbell.

We took down the old one

And started putting together the new one

What do you think?

Just kidding :)

The process was actually a bit more involved than anticipated. We had to take off the push button on the outside...

...to install some new part that just looks like a small sliver of copper that I can't remember the name of (Chris...?) But after we got everything wired all back together we attached it properly to the wall

We needed a bit of paint touch ups

It's an improvement, but still not great. The original idea was that this new doorbell would be wired and installed in the hallway and the original one would remain in the coat closet, but the original one wouldn't allow it. So I think down the line we'll have to get another one to install in the hallway so we can hear it in the back of the house better. Nothing ever goes quite as planned, right?

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