The Future Hutch Countertop

The future hutch for our TV Room will need some sort of countertop, and our number one choice was solid surface stone, specifically soapstone. Chris and I are a little sad now looking back on things that we didn't install soapstone counters in the kitchen, but a las, no sense in dwelling on it.

We briefly looked into it for the hutch, but it came in at a hefty price tag for our 21" x 90ish" counter

And that was the cheapest I could find.

Out the window that idea went.

So Chris and I started talking about other ideas. Tile, wood...well, that was about it. We tossed around the idea of tile briefly, but I became enamored with the idea of a wood top set in an interesting pattern (that I was unsure of) and stained multiple colors to give it some interesting texture and intricacy. Chris was of course annoyed with me again :) because that will be just a little difficult to execute, but I get excited about an idea, Chris rolls his eyes, I tell him what an amazing builder he is, he figures out how to build it, and then I become the trusty assistant and we build something awesome :)

The first idea we had was herringbone because we figured it would tie in well with the fireplace in the adjoining front room

We both really like herringbone - it's classic, clean and visually interesting. But just to make sure, I searched around on the internet for hardwood flooring patterns that might look good as the top of the hutch.

This one (found here)

I liked because I'm always a fan of squares :) But I thought we'd have to shrink down the pattern too much in order for it to make sense across a smaller area and then it might look crazy busy.

This one (found here)

I both liked and knew it wouldn't work for the same reasons as the first one.

This one (found here)

Is always a classic. But something about it didn't translate as well as the top of the hutch to me.

Then I got distracted by these logs

And although I really liked the idea, I didn't think it really went well with the architecture and style of the inside of our house. Or as the top of the hutch. It seems like it would make a really good pathway outside though, so maybe in the future...

The one (found here)

Is an interesting idea, but if we ran them across the horizontal plane on the top there would only been like 3 stripes, but they would be super long. And if we ran them vertically, there would be a ton of them and they would be very short and stubby. So that idea was out.

After exhausting many internet searches, I landed back on herringbone

(found here)

Of course, never to make things easy I thought it would be totally awesome to choose 2 different kinds of wood - Chris votes classic with Walnut and Mahogany, I vote for something crazy like Zebra or Wenge. If we used 2 different kinds of wood, then we wouldn't use two different colors of stain to give it a punch of interest because the different grains would stand out against each other. I think right now we're leaning towards combining both Chris and my ideas: we'll use one classic wood and one exciting wood, so tentatively the idea is a herringbone pattern countertop using Mahogany and Wenge with just a nice layer of tung oil on the top to really bring out the grain pattern in each wood and let the wood itself be the showcase.

Making these smaller decisions along the way makes me really excited to start building it, which is great because that's what's on the to do list tomorrow!

And, I'm going to bother you one more time to vote for Picardy Project HERE for the Best Remodeling blog in JDR's annual blogging awards (voting closes today!!!). The race is super close, so Chris and I would love love love your vote!


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oooooh, great ideas. I love where this is heading...

meryl rose said...

Thanks Carrie! I drew out some counter plans and we got some sample wood this past weekend and I'm excited to get to building it!