The Homestretch: VOTE FOR US!

Hey everyone! I don't know if you knew this but....we're up for a blogging award!!!! There's been a little badge over there on the left
<---------- for a few weeks now that says VOTE FOR US! And, well, we're in the homestretch and Chris and I would be ecstatic if you headed on over and clicked Picardy Project and voted for us! We're up for a great award from Jackson Design and Remodeling and their Annual Industry Blogger Awards. We've been nominated in their remodeling category, so if you just go HERE and scroll down to "Remodeling" and vote on Picardy Project, well, we'd love you forever :)

I just about crapped in my pants when I got an email saying we were nominated a number of weeks ago and the fact that we've stayed in the running against some totally awesome and amazing blogs (and new friends, hi Carrie!) just shocks my socks off frankly. But I'd definitely throw up with excitement if we actually WON because I'd be so happy for this little blog that could (chugging away for almost 4 years now!), and we'd be lucky enough to win $500! (winners in all 5 categories win $500).

So please take just a few seconds and head on over HERE and vote for us! You should also check out some of the other totally awesome blogs, of course after you vote for us :) Have a great day!!!


Deb said...

HOW EXCITING!!! I voted :) Good luck!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb!!!!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Did you win???? It was so close there at the end. Fingers crossed for you.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Carrie, it was SUPER close at the end (less than 1%) and the poll actually closed 90 minutes before I thought it was supposed to, so we shall see how things shook out on Wednesday, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed too!!!!