I Don't Know the Winner...

I was hoping to do a post to share the winner of the JDR Annual Industry Blogger awards seeing as winners were to be announced today, but alas the website still hasn't updated, it just says "Voting is Now Closed."

And seeing as I'm off to work, I won't know until I get home, so you guys can check out the winner HERE when the results get posted. It was a very tight race between 7th House on the Left and Picardy Project. At some points in the last day when I was checking on the results we were separated by only 1%!

Thank you EVERYONE who voted. As a long time blogger who doesn't have too many followers (33 to be exact, you can click that link on the right and become the 34th!) we were ecstatic to just be nominated, and the fact that Picardy Project kept in the running the whole time against much more well known blogs made me warm and fuzzy inside. We were so grateful to be included in the super fun contest and it was great finding new blogger friends and blogs to follow.

Thanks again to every single person who voted, you gave us big, fat, huge smiles :)
:) :)


Shasha Kidd said...

I voted for you. I actually looked at all the other blogs and yours was way better!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Shasha! That means a bunch to us, seriously! I love blogging and have loved it more and more the more I do it, so it's completely wonderful to hear that someone likes reading it :) Thanks for reading :) :) :)