I Loooooooove Sanding Floors

Can you sense the sarcasm because I DO NOT LIKE SANDING FLOORS. It sucks. Crouching down on your knees for 6-7 hours wearing a respirator, safety glasses and ear protection while moving a palm sander around the border of the room edging everything sucks. But alas, it's a task that must be done.

After we discovered all the dust that gets blown up while sanding (those stupid bags attached to the sanders really don't do much) we decided that this time we'd line most of the room in plastic. So while Chris cleared out all the A/V components...

...I got to plastic-ing

We cut out a bit of the plastic and set up the fan on the window sill with the window open to try to get as much of the dust out of the room as possible once we started sanding

This time around we brought home a drum sander and an edger. The drum sander goes about things in a lot rougher way than the finish sander and last time the finish sander just took
forever, so we thought we're try something different this time. It took Chris a little bit to get used to it, but afterwards it was working like a charm

I on the other hand started out using the edger (this tool Chris is attaching the sand paper to)

And that motherfucker had a mind of its own. It was like a god damn Ikea shopping cart in that it always wanted to go left (seriously, why do ALL Ikea carts do that?) I HATED it. We did not get along. It was really difficult to direct and I found that it didn't actually sand that close to the edge of the hardwoods anyway because I was having to go back over everything with the palm sander to get in close to the baseboards. And that stupid dust collection bag kept falling off - though I'm sure that was user error and I just didn't put it on correctly. So, as you can guess I stopped using it after about 15 minutes before I got so pissed off that I chucked it out the window.

Instead I used the trusty palm sander and used that to edge the room

After about 2 1/2 hours or so Chris was finished with the drum sander - he didn't want to keep passing it over and over and over the floors because ours aren't super thick and we knew the finish sander could get closer to the edges than the drum sander could. So we loaded the drum sander and stupid edger into the car and returned them to the HD tool rental and brought home the finish sander to clean things up all nice and pretty

And I continued with the palm sander around and around and around the room and after about 9 hours from when we first started plastic-ing and prepping the floors were finally sanded within an inch of their life (probably literally), but they looked beautiful

And now that everything is sanded you can barely see the patch

One thing I'm nervous about is this line down the middle of the room

You could see it in the finished floor before we sanded things down

And I'm hoping when we stain it will become a lot less visible, but we shall see.

I'm glad to look at these pictures and have most of the sanding done, though we still need to use the wood filler and then sand again...


Reuben Collins said...

Dang. you guys are awesome. That floor looks great. I can't even tell where the patch is.

Cheryl said...

Can't see the patch at all - but what caused the line?

The floors will look so nice when you're done. I get tired just following your blog - where do you get all your energy?

aptpupil said...

not sure what caused the line. it looked almost like they put on extra finish around a rug or something, but then when we sanded down below the finish it was still there. the room doesn't get a lot of light so i wouldn't think it was uv exposure. weird.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is a lot of sanders! I think we will try the drum sander next. We still have two bedrooms to do upstairs. Joy.

meryl rose said...

Yeah, we've ONLY done the front room and TV room now, still the nook, kitchen redo, hallway, 2 bedrooms and office, oy vey...You're in the home stretch! I would totally go with the drum sander first, it really gets the initial job done a lot quicker

aptpupil said...

...and the drum sander is cheaper because you're guaranteed to use each sander for less than half a day (so you don't get the full day rental) and the sandpaper is cheaper and lasts longer. only thing that sucks is we had to make two trips to pickup/drop off.