The Long List of Building

The list is LONG of things we'll be building in the next couple of months. And I say couple of months because that might be how long it will take (more like couple + a couple more).

1. There is of course the sports ticket table...

...which we haven't worked on in over 6 weeks. Yikes. We really gotta get on this one. After all, I'm sure we ALL want the front room done.

2. But to complete the front room we also need to build our free weight storage

Our free weights are just strewn all over the place so it would be nice to corral them all together. Then we just have to buff out those scratches from the fireplace tile...sigh...the front room we thought would be quick and easy.

3. Then there are all the TV room building projects we've decided to pile on ourselves :) The hutch

That will one day look more like this (that's the plan at least)

And so far things are looking good.

4. Then we have to build all the picture frames for our posters. But thankfully we've done that before and it won't be too hard, just time consuming to build 10. Clearly I got ahead of myself with that idea.

5. Then we also decided to throw a coffee table into the TV room mix. Because we are idiots. I haven't planned that one out yet. Despite Chris asking about it a few times. Maybe I should get on that...

6. We wanted to make our lives more exciting by building another few things around the house. There's the really simple door to the crawl space under the addition

Remember the great new foundation Chris completed?

Yup, still needs that door.

7. And you might remember those compost containers we have in the above pic. We've thought about retiring the compost system. It's just a tad smelly, it doesn't make a ton of soil, and we're able to put food scraps in our green container so the compost containers might be leaving us soon. In which case we'd be building a nice storage container for some of our sports equipment

Some place for basketballs, footballs, gloves, baseballs, the frisbe. You know, all that fun stuff.

8. And lastly, we need some new garage storage because this shelving system is looking a little crazy

Chris has been asking, "Have you designed a new garage bookcase?" for a few months now and I hadn't gotten around to it because it freaked me out. Why? Because we had a grand idea of building it with a piano hinge so that it had a door attached to the top 2/3rds of the cabinet that could swing open and have 3 layers of storage - the physical cabinet and then the front and back of the piano hinge door. I wanted all the storage to be maximized in spacing with all the wood glue, wood stain, spray bottles, spray paint, but it also needed to be flexible for future stuff we'll be putting there. The piano hinge door combined with the specific flexibility felt out of my comfort zone, but I finally buckled down and made a plan

Chris is now very excited.

So there you have it. Our 8 building projects either in the works or soon to be in the working. Yup. We're nuts.


Heather said...

This would be nuts for anybody but you two. I'm still not convinced you guys sleep.

meryl rose said...

:) I was up at 4:30 am today, but just because I couldn't sleep. Don't worry, I just laid on the couch, no hutch building in the weeeee hours of the morning :)