More of This and That

This past weekend was officially one of the laziest weekends ever for me and Chris as far as housework is concerned, and it was glorious! We did get a bit of work in, so of course I need to share that :)

While I continued to paint and got the second coat of Rhino on the walls...

(and I love it even more)

...Chris worked on patch #2

Working on this patch was a bit more difficult because it was so close to the TV and we were too lazy to take it out of the room :) But Chris worked hard at cutting away and prying out the boards

We've noticed in a few places of the house that when the room wasn't perfectly wide enough that the original flooring has pieces they just cut down to a skinny size and tossed them in rather than try to blend it. Now, Chris and I may be totally crazy, but I always find this a tad annoying. When we laid the new hardwoods in the kitchen and found that at the end there would only be room for a board 1/2 the size of our hardwoods, we shaved a hair off about 10 boards so they were each a teeny tiny bit skinnier so you never noticed the difference and it still all fit properly.

Yes, I know, crazy.

But they didn't do that for this room

And what's hilarious, is that on the other side of the fireplace grate we took out, the skinny piece of wood doesn't line up. Instead of it being the first piece of hardwood that's cut away to make room for the fireplace grate, it's the second

So Chris knew he'd have to correct that mistake as the fireplace grate would no longer be in place so you didn't notice it.

First though was filling the gaps and making things level

And then laying down the red rosin paper. And you can see in this photo that the skinny piece of hardwood will now line up as one piece

Chris had to leave the skinny piece and full size piece right next to it cut at the same point which I admit doesn't look great, but because on one side the skinny piece lines up correctly...

...but on the other it doesn't...

...there really wasn't a lot we could do about it that wouldn't have looked similarly strange, and I think this was the best solution.

Unlike the first patch Chris did, this one didn't have any perpendicular boards that needed to be laid because he wasn't dealing with the border so it went a lot quicker. It was also smaller, so that always helps :) Chris got everything in to do a dry fit, and once it all fit properly he nailed everything in

Chris was able to use a few of our old boards, but not many. But in the end, I'm sure it will all blend great

Chris and I were happy that in our laziness we still got a few things done, but I was definitely happy to have a lazy weekend :)


Reuben Collins said...

You guys get more done in one of your "lazy" weekends than we get done in a month at our place. The floors look great.

Heather said...

What Reuben said. It cracks me up (but doesn't surprise me) that this is a lazy weekend for you.

meryl rose said...

I just try to keep up with Chris. Believe me, I'd enjoy many more weekends like this, but Chris is the fucking energizer bunny :)