Our Mini Movie Theater

It's been said many times: Chris and I love movies. And if you didn't know, it's Chris' goal to see 300 total movies each year and it's my goal to see 100 in the theater each year (last year we saw 99, damnit!) And you better believe we do double features (and don't pay for the second one...sorry CBH!) But hey, I'm a crazy person and I keep a tab of all the movies we see and what we pay and last year we paid $837.40 for all the movies we saw, so movie theaters can shove it. $28 for the two of us to see a 3D movie? Jesus. Plus, I have resolved that it's okay to "steal" the second movie from huge chains like AMC, but we don't do it at our local, small independent theaters. It makes me feel better. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway, we love movies, and we especially love vintage movie posters. We've already got a few that haven't gone up in the house yet

Of course the perfect place for our posters to go is in the TV room. And we've got two perfect walls.

4 will go on this wall (it could fit more, but I don't want to crowd the space with the pass-through counter and our future hutch butting up against the wall)

And another 6 will go on this full wall right when you walk in (I really like the full wall of artwork in the front room)

So that meant 5 more posters needed to be purchased. We had a great place we used to buy these from, but sadly they went out of business :( So I trolled Amazon for 11 x 17 movie posters.

For the next 5 we were going to be purchasing I really kept in mind our absolute favorite movies. Not that I don't love the first 5 that we already have, but those were great images first off, and then movies we really liked (though, I will shock you and say I'm not a big Vertigo fan - Notorious, Birds, Rear Window, Psycho, NXNW are all Hitchcock movies I'd prefer), but that poster is fucking awesome (and Chris loves that movie).

After consulting both of our Top 10 lists I came up with 6 movies I'd search for, then we'd pick the 5 best posters: Godfather, It's a Wonderful Life, Psycho, Ferris Bueller, The Graduate and Casablanca. Strangely, Casablanca isn't on either of our Top 10's (though still a great movie), but it was Chris' grandfather's favorite, so we wanted to pay homage to him in our mini movie theater.

I totally stalked Amazon for movie posters and emailed Chris the ones I liked - that email contained 28 links, and we were already set on Ferris and It's a Wonderful Life, so between the other 4 movies there were 26 links which got me a wide-eyed look from Mr. Christopher. Hehe :)

Here are the ones we chose (we pulled out Psycho from the running 6 because we figured we already had 1 Hitchcock poster)

The Graduate, found here

Casablanca, found here

The Godfather, found here

It's a Wonderful Life, found here

And Ferris Bueller, found here

So you know what that means right? 10 more picture frames to build! :) I'm actually very excited. We can practice with trim and make them look all snazzy :) And at $56 total with shipping and all that jazz, I think that's pretty good for 5 11x17 prints.

What about you guys, do you have movie posters up in your house? What are they? What would you want them to be? Or do you think we're crazy with all our National Park and movie posters? :)

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Kathi said...

We don't have movie posters but we have a TON of concert posters framed hanging in our basement...so I get it :).