Veggie Planting Round 2

I was on a veggie planting roll this past weekend with the absolutely beautiful weather and so after I planted the veggies in our first raised bed, I turned my attention to Veggie Garden 2.0 which used to look like this

But now it's looking like this

Our of control much? The peas have turned very brown and crinkly (and a lot of them do not taste very well), the broccoli was edible about 3 weeks ago (when Chris tickled himself pink and bit a broccoli shoot off the plant) but now the broccoli has shot straight up and flowered, and we really have no idea what was going on with the potatoes, because like I mentioned on Wednesday we tend to plant things and just...well...see what happens (by ignoring them). So I resolved to rip everything out and replant, and maybe this time I would pay more attention.

First up: the potatoes. I really had no idea what would be going on with these suckers, and so when I ripped them out and saw this...

...I just about crapped my pants. POTATOES! I excitedly ripped out all 8 plants and discovered a whole bunch of them! Chris was building the carcass of the cabinet and so I made sure to discover all the potatoes very quietly and then I pulled him outside to reveal our wonderful treasure

20 potatoes! I cleaned them up and made Chris take a picture of me because I was so excited

And then it was time to tackle the crazy peas

And all the weeding (including some weed whacking and lawn mowing) made quite a lot of green waste

But the weeded veggie 2.0 garden was looking ready for some fresh plantings

I tilled the soil before I replanted and I just happened to discover... (can you see it on the rock wall?)

15 more potatoes!

Our ignoring planting strategy gave us 35 super awesome yummy looking potatoes! Just imagine what would have happened if we knew what we were doing!

After my potato excitement was over I sorted through the seeds and decided to plant these babies

All the seeds went in really quick: peppers in the front, then the watermelon, then the peas and beans over by the deck where the climbing trellises are

We shall see what happens! I have resolved to actually weed the veggie bed this time, so hopefully that means I might tend to the veggies as well...


Heather said...

Your potatoes look awesome! When I dig around in my veggie beds I only find cat poop. :(

You know this is how it starts, right? A little vegetable gardening gets you hooked . . .

threeacres said...

So cool that you found that many potatoes! You'll have to plant some more for next year. Sigh having that long of a growing season would be sweet. You can just toss seeds in the ground and still get produce before frost.

meryl rose said...

Heather - Oh, believe me there was LOTS of cat poo smell, especially over at the other veggie garden. Bastards!

Robin - we are SUPER lucky out here in the Bay Area, especially Oakland because we really don't get much frost at all so basically some sort of veggie can be going pretty much all year long. Yes, we are totally spoiled.

Kelly C. said...

I'm giddy right along with you, how cool!!!