We are Once Again Stain Ready

Yup, still hate sanding, but we did more of it on Sunday, boo. The good news is: no more sanding for a while!!! (until we get to the nook, redoing the kitchen, the art room, our bedroom, the hallway and the office...yuckola). Saturday while I was at work - yay baseball season!

Chris put all the trowel on wood filler on the floors

And Sunday bright and early we got started sanding it all off. Chris put it on thinner this time so it sanded off quicker, but still got the job done filling in all the holes - nail holes, gouges in the wood (there were actually a lot in this room) and small gaps between boards. This is a step that isn't fun and may seem overkill, but we've sanded and stained without putting on the trowel on wood filler (in the kitchen) and it seriously makes a huge difference in making everything flat, even, uniform and it really does cover all the little tiny holes that you'd never pick out and cover with a putty knife and wood filler.

But yes, sanding it all off sucks.

Chris drove down to HD while I got started sanding the perimeter of the room with the palm sander

Don't mess with me


By the time Chris got back I'd done about 1/2 the perimeter of the TV room

And Chris got started with the finish sander

And then it became the room full o' dust

We vacuumed very frequently to try to keep the dust to a minimum, although it's probably more appropriate to say we tried to not keep it at the maximum

But work on we went

Per some instructions from the rental guys at HD Chris used a screen on the finish sander to sand off the wood filler. He found that it didn't clog up as much as the sandpaper did, but is also didn't sand things down as good. Next time, we'll probably use sandpaper on the finish sander first to get the wood filler mostly off, then finish it off with the screen.

When we'd finished sanding the floors and taken all the plastic down, Chris sanded the bullnose of the stairs

And I got started cleaning the floors with a sponge (all the floors this time so we didn't make the same mistake as last time)

And cleaning the floors with a sponge before the final screen and clean is a good idea because even after vacuuming look at how dirty they were

After things dried Chris went at everything with the screen to knock down any raised grain from the sponging

And the last step? A final tack cloth to get any of the last little bit of sanding dust off the ground

And now??? We are finally ready for stain, hooray!


Shannon & Chris said...

Seriously, you guys rock. I wish I had 1/4 of the knowledge you have regarding renovations! And... omgomgomg you work for the A's?! Coolest person ever. I super puffy <3'd Eric Chavez FOREVER until he went to the dark side.

meryl rose said...

Aww, thanks Shannon!

And yeah, working that A's is pretty awesome I gotta say! I LOVE me some sports and the A's have always been my absolute #1 team having grown up in the East Bay. My brother and I had rabbits named Mark and Jose when we were little, hahahahahahaha. And oh man, Chavy, did I love him too. But then his back got all lame and he had to play for the Yankees. I swear, I'd have a clause in my contract to never be traded to them. Or the Red Sox. Hissssssss :)