We Have a Carcass

Now that sounds morbid, but I promise, it's actually very exciting. What carcass am I talking about??? The carcass for our hutch/entertainment unit, hooray!!!!

It all started with the cut list

And once we had that jumping off point we got out some cabinet grade plywood we already had and starting cutting down all the pieces - the bottom and top supports, the sides, the middle supports, etc.

Some things were only different from each other by an inch or so, so I made sure to label things as we moved along so it made our lives easier during assembly

We also needed to build a frame that the cabinet would sit on. The frame would be made by 2x4's and be attached to the floor in the TV room. This would provide a stable base for the hutch and also give a solid surface for the moulding to nail into. It didn't need to be built to perfect dimensions (no need for an absolute correct width), we just needed to make sure that it came out into the room the correct amount (we were deciding between 20-22" deep) so that the baseboards had something to nail into.

We ripped down the 2x4's just slightly so that they were the same height as our baseboards (about 3 1/4")

And then we started assembling it

Next was drilling the pilot holes for our pocket screws

Then we brought it inside to install

Now, usually Chris and I are the kind of people that install hardwoods completely under cabinets in case people eventually rip out all of our work and then they don't have to worry about matching wood, but this time we got lazy. We didn't refinish the hardwoods where the cabinet would be sitting and we decided to drill the frame into the hardwoods to make sure it was very strong. We debated attaching it another way, but we resolved that drilling into the floor was the smartest decision, and hey, if someone eventually wants to rip this sucker out there will only be 8 nail holes to cover up so it's not a huge deal. Matching the stain on the other hand...

With the frame installed we got a decent idea of the eventual hutch placement

And then it was back to building the carcass. While cabinet grade plywood has a pretty decent surface, it's always a good idea to sand everything down, so once all of our carcass cuts were made Chris broke out the sander and got to it

Then it was time to put it together

And ta da!

Now, it needs to be rotated clockwise 180 degrees because it's upside down, but it's looking good! These two areas are where the drawers will be (remember, it's upside down)

And here is the center column where the center channel speaker and other components will be

The next step will be spraying it, then installing it on top of the frame in the TV room. After that we'll assemble all the face frames and then attach that to the carcass (we're not 100% yet on whether we'll stain before or after it's attached). But it's looking good! Hooray for progress!


Heather said...

Why would anyone want to tear out your hutch? Not gonna happen.

Also: you were robbed in the blogging contest. Robbed!

meryl rose said...

I know, it should stay there FOREVER! :)

And believe me, I totally admit it, I was so sad/disappointed to loose by SO CLOSE! But SUPER thankful to every single person who voted. SO CLOSE! Sigh...

kit @DIYdiva said...

Looking great you guys! Can't wait to see it when it's done.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Kit! Hopefully we get this one finished a lot faster than the sports ticket table :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

this is going to look amazing!