Would You Look at those Yummy Floors?

Woo-hoo the floors are stained and poly'd!!!! Over the last about 2 weeks we got two coats of stain and two coats of Fabulon on them and now we're just waiting for things to cure more (we like to wait a week because we're crazy) before we move things in.

When we last left off we had sanded everything down and got it all prepped for staining. So we slipped on some new, clean socks (no dust on the floors at all please!) and got to it

Just like last time, there are no more in progress photos because I wasn't really keen on ruining our camera with my stain covered gloves mid-staining. But behold the gloriousness of round 1

We got that first coat down two Sunday evenings ago after all of the sanding and we waited a few days longer than we were anticipating (laziness after work in the evenings) and didn't get the second coat down until last Thursday night. First we of course did a light sanding

And after cleaning things off with the tack cloth we got ready for round 2 of staining

And after round 2 I still love the color just as much

Clearly we still have to clean some of the walls

I love the richness of the color

The best part? The patches are amazingly disguised

The not so great thing is that that line you saw when we sanded everything down...

...is still visible :( There is a small darker than normal square in the middle of the floor

You can't see it much in photos, but in real life I promise it's there (a similarly angled photo would make the square more visible, but I didn't want to walk on the floor before the poly went down). It's a bit of a downer, but the rug will be covering it up so I'm not horribly broken up about it. It definitely makes me wonder what caused the original marking though because it doesn't seem like a conventional stain. It's left Chris and I a bit perplexed.

Of course, with two rounds of stain done, that meant we still needed two rounds of poly. So this past Saturday morning we broke out the fabulon and a new t-bar applicator that we had heard good things about (and was cheap). We aren't super thrilled about the results from a lambswool applicator, so we decided to try some new ones to see what we liked best.

Because the t-bar was wide, I worked on applying the fabulon with a brush in the foyer area

And Chris used the t-bar and applied it throughout the rest of the space

The nice thing about the t-bar is that it can run right up against the baseboards, so it goes a bit quicker. We were done doing all the poly within about 30 minutes or so

Afterwards we stayed out of the house the rest of the day - going out to breakfast with my step dad and Chris also made his jig. We still found that there were some bubbles here and there when we used the t-bar, so we opted to try another applicator product, a Wooster Epoxy Glide roller cover that was recommended to Chris by a flooring contractor on a contractor forum he frequents. We had to wait for it to come in the mail before we could do the second poly coat. But it came on Tuesday and so yesterday morning before we went to work Chris did a light sanding of the floor

And then per another suggestion online we used mineral spirits to clean instead of the tack cloth

You put a small amount of mineral spirits on a rag (just a little bit so it is barely damp) and then wipe the floor down

I was a little nervous to clean things up this way because it was new and different, but it came well suggested and we actually ended up really liking the job it did. It picked up all the dust left from sanding and also seemed to smooth things out well. The tack cloth picks things up well too, but sometimes I do feel it doesn't do a great job. Because of the light layer of mineral spirits that is left on the wood, you can see really well whether or not the rag is cleaning things up entirely. Once there's a slight haze, it's time to use a clean place on the rag and add a little more mineral spirits to it

Then it was time for round 2 of poly

And again, I worked on the borders

And Chris worked on the field. But we saw instantly that either the epoxy roller sucks, or we sucked at applying it because there were bubbles EVERYWHERE

We panicked for a second, but then realized we had an old lambswool applicator, so Chris ran outside to get it and we were thankfully able to finish the floor


We left for work and so we were gone when the house stunk, but we made sure to leave a window open with the fan blowing all the stinky air out so that when we got home our house didn't make me high again.

And then this morning I snapped some pics of our amazingly awesome yummy floors!

We won't move anything back into the room for another week or so to really give things a good amount of time to cure so we don't scuff anything up

It's awesome to have the floors done in here, a big project we can check off the list!

Now we just have to get to that hutch...


Reuben Collins said...

The floors look great. Good work.

Heather said...

Agh, the paint color is delicious with the refinished floor! It's looks AWESOME. And even without a rug that line is unnoticeable to anyone but you, promise.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Wow! They look great!

meryl rose said...

Muchas gracias :)

And Heather - yes I LOVE the paint color with the floor stain

Deb said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the color - and that's a shit ton of work so you should totally take a vacation now.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh, how I hate the poly step. Every applicator sucks. Is Fabulon water based? I wish we would have used water poly instead of waiting a month to put our rugs back down!

Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty } said...

wow... what a fantastic 'after'! You must be so proud with yourselves: the floors look freaking amazing.

meryl rose said...

Vacation??? HA! :) I was just cutting down samples pieces of wood in the garage for our future hutch countertop :)

Sara - Fabulon is oil based :( But we've had great luck with just a week of waiting before laying the rugs down. The hardwood place said a week would be enough and so far it's worked for us. I really think it does a better job than water, so the annoyance of waiting just a few days longer is worth it, at least I think so. But it does totally suck because I REALLY want to put our rug down in there. Grrr.

Lisa said...