The Alameda Flea Market

Chris and I routinely like to make sports bets with each other. Naturally this past college bowl season (yes, 6 months ago) we bet each other for who could make the most winning picks. If Chris won, I would take him on a fancy, sugar momma date, and if I won we had to go on a morning excursion on a weekend day (the horror, no housework for 1/2 a day!) Well, we tied. So about 4 months ago we went on our date, but we'd never gotten around to going on our excursion. Until this past weekend, finally.

A few years ago a past co-worker of mine told me about the Alameda Flea Market (or officially called the Alameda Point Antiques Faire but for some reason that's just too long and complicated for me), held the first Sunday of every month. I've been wanting to go for a long long long time, but we'd never gotten around to it. Enter: excursion.

We headed over there Sunday morning at 9am. This place is CRAZY huge, and CRAZY popular (boasted as the largest antique fair in Northern CA with over 800 dealer booths). They have sliding admissions because antique dealers come to buy super fancy stuff early in the day. If you get there from 6am - 7:30am for the preview it's $15, 7:30 - 9 it's $10, 9 - 2 it's $5 and after 2 it's free. We got there 3 hours after it opened and we were in row X to park, so that's 24 rows of roughly 100 cars ahead of us. These people take their antiquing seriously

I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have (seriously, like 1/10 of what I should have) because we were too busy ooohing and ahhhhing at everything. They had the COOLEST stuff.

Like this chair I wanted to take home for our backyard

These postcards were super awesome to look through (I got an old Oakland one and a Mills College one)

And what OCD brain could not appreciate the amazing organizational skills of this gentleman's booth? Seriously, these postcards were a dream to look through. And surprisingly visitors kept it well organized as they perused things as well.

The fair was heaven for anyone who wanted furniture from the 60s and 70s

By the end of the day I was so sick of seeing yellow and orange and furniture sitting too low to the ground I could have punched myself.

I was sorta hoping to find a great coffee table so it got Chris and I out of the task of building one. This one was really cool, but just slightly out of our price range

You think I could haggle them from $375 to $37.50? No? Yeah, me neither. Damnit.

This side table hutch thingy was really interesting

It was iron covered in enamel. Chris and I thought it would make a cool radiator cover, but we've got no radiators.

Anyone interested in the most over the top clock ever?

Or a vintage Indian motorcycle?

Or these super ginormous ladders?

Chris was of course drawn to all the old tools

And this cool old toolbox

We are fast walkers, fast browsers and it was hot, so we made it all the way down to the end...

...and back in a little over 2 hours. We walked away with my two postcards and two other items I cannot mention because they may be for a step dad of mine for Father's Day...Hello CBH! :) Believe me, we could have bought tons of other stuff (I fell in love with another 8 ft. couch for $150) but it wasn't anything we needed, so we were disciplined. I was super excited to finally make it to the Faire though. They really have amazingly exquisite stuff and we vowed that if we needed to buy any large pieces of furniture in the future this was the place to get it at.

But then it was back through the 24 rows of cars, filtering through the hundreds of new visitors that were arriving and back home to work on the hutch.


Shannon & Chris said...

Well if I ever make it out that way, I am SO going to that! Have you ever heard of postcrossing? I have exchanged over 200 postcards with people all over the world - LOVE it... Like you need another hobby...



Heather said...

I'm still mad at myself for never going to that when I lived in the area.

And that chair! So amazing! I wish you had gotten it.

meryl rose said...

When did you live here?!? And where?

construction Midwestern ON said...

Flea markets are great, you can buy anything from antique objects, old coins or vintage books.

worry wort said...

I love the Alameda flea market! It's amazing the kind of stuff you can find there. We once saw an old timey dentist anesthesia outfit in pristine condition. Would love to see the cool things you and Chris could do with flea market finds.