The Carcass is Installed!

After completing a bunch of little things here and there working on the hutch, the next task was getting it installed in the room. And we were very excited.

It was not easy getting it in the house. We've been building it in the garage, but in order to get it in the house we had to walk it out to the front yard, in through the front door, shimmy around some corners through the TV room and front room and then get it over by the alcove

We did our first (of many) dry runs and found that with the 1/4" plywood on the sides we needed to pry off the baseboards on the side to make it fit. We were originally going to leave all the baseboards out of laziness, but we had to get these off the wall

Once we got the baseboards off we slid it back in place, and it fit perfectly snug. But then it was time to move it back out and start attaching the wood for the open shelves on the two sides

Here are the pocket screws so you can see that this backing is attached without any visible screws or hardware

The backing for the shelves goes all the way to the ground, but once it's all installed we'll start trimming things out so we'll have baseboards on the bottom that match the rest of the baseboards in the house.

Next up was installing the first open shelf. We wanted it just above the baseboards (which are about 3 1/4" high). It was difficult to get the shelf screwed in from the bottom so we lifted the corner of the hutch and propped it on a box so we had much better access to the underside

For the second shelf we just decided to split the difference. The height from the top of the first shelf to the bottom of the (eventual) counter is just under 24", so we set the bottom height of the middle shelf at 11 3/4. Not a perfect 1/2, but close enough. We repeated the process of installing the backing and two shelves on the left side as well.

Then it was time to make sure our pull out shelf for the LP worked. Chris had installed the hardware a few days ago, but it was time to put it together

The LP will sit on this shelf and we'll be able to slide it out to listen to records, but we needed to have a shelf on top of it so that the other components that will sit in this column don't sit on the sliding shelf

I went out and cut down some spacers so we made sure to attach the shelf level and even in all four corners

Then it was time to drill the shelf in place

We had to adjust the height once because we made it a hair too low, but after that, the LP fit like a charm (while maximizing the height of the shelf above)

The last step before installation? Putting the front page of the newspaper inside for a treat for someone to find in 10, 40, 90 years whenever someone decides to rip this thing out (please don't rip out our hutch!)

I wrapped it in a plastic bag to try to keep it from decomposing and put in inside the platform we had installed

And THEN it was time to install it, woo-hoo!

It looks awesome and we LOVE it (and Chris even admitted I was right - stain grade was the way to go!) But there is still a lot of work to do: face frames on the open shelves (the front and sides), baseboards, another drawer to build, door and drawer fronts to install (when they come in the mail in 2+ weeks) and that whole countertop to build...and I'm sure there's more stuff that I have no idea about.

But right now, we have to figure out what the hell goes where and label the miles of power cords and cables


Heather said...

It looks AWESOME!

Shasha Kidd said...

Very impressive. You guys have really gotten good at the woodworking projects.

meryl rose said...

Thanks you guys! It definitely makes me excited to tackle building more cabinets when we move on to the laundry room and back bathroom once this project is done.