Chris is Awesome

Chris had the day off on Wednesday. When I left for work I took this picture

I knew he'd be working on the cabinet while I was at work, so I set the camera down and said, "You can take pictures, but don't feel obligated..." I secretly meant, "PLEASE TAKE PICTURES!" Chris indulges my constant picture taking mostly by rolling his eyes

(you like Chris' stained finger from our flooring adventures?)

Or by making funny faces

But mostly it's the back of his head

Or even just his back

So I wasn't really expecting Chris to take too many pictures because the man finds actually working more important (the nerve!) But when I got a text while at work of his amazing project, I was even more dumbfounded to come home to a camera of photos of his handiwork.

As he finished laying down all the herringbone he set up the level to make a perfect cut on the front

He did the same thing for the sides, and had to cut them on a more detailed angle to match the open shelves on the sides of the cabinet

Then he had to cut the interior angle that will allow the counter to slip inside the alcove

Look at that beautiful curved corner

To conceal the small gaps here and there Chris slipped a little wood glue into the cracks

Then he sanded and brushed the dust into the cracks

Would you like to now see its amazing-ness? This is the text I got while I was at work

With Chris saying, "Still needs some work."


When I came home from work (my 3rd extra innings game already this year) I saw this madness

That's the beautiful herringbone all done and the face frames starting to get installed

Even though you can't see it all clearly with the clamping madness (Chris likes to make sure those face frames are there to stay), I LOVE THE HERRINGBONE

I'm telling you, I'm a lucky girl that I've got that Christopher :) He builds an amazingly awesome counter and he takes pictures of it :)

This weekend we'll be working on doing a final sand down to make sure it's all nice and smooth. Then we'll install it. After, I'll stain and poly the face frames and then apply several layers of tung oil to the top. But this weekend we're spending a day helping out a friend, we've got family visits, and I've got a race on Memorial Day so we're jam packed. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we get everything done to share with you by Tuesday morning!


Shannon & Chris said...

You are a lucky girl! That's amazing!

kit @DIYdiva said...

That is one gorgeous counter! Love how this project is turning out. (Also, excellent picture-taking Chris. Thanks for indulging all of us who like to see all the in-between steps.)

aptpupil said...

the most exciting thing about that last photo is that it's proof i do indeed need all those clamps!

Heather said...

Looking good! I still can't believe how much work you two get done with jobs, races, and everything else you have going on.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

It looks amazing!
(And all I have are pics of the back of Marc' head too.)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

My Chris completely surprised me once by taking pictures of work he was doing on our mudroom while I was out of town. Like you, I was thrilled!

Now I just need my Chris to make an awesome herringbone counter while I'm out of town. Seriously, that's amazing.

Reuben Collins said...

That is really something else. Good work.

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Uh, yes, you are a very very lucky girl!! Dang, that is beautiful.