Cooking Particles

Our pretty painted pass through looks like a disaster

If anyone needs information for voting in California, we've got you covered

The problem (besides the clear disorganization) are these two bottles

I'm keeping it real here: we've got the unfortunate circumstance of cooking particles. No matter how many times I wipe those damn bottles after I use them, they get shit all over the pass through

Let's all say it together: gross. I set about un-grossifying it.

In came the sand paper

After I sanded (100 then 220 - I skipped the 150 out of laziness) I went outside to get the paint. We mixed in Floetrol

Floetrol helps level the paint out to "eliminate" brush and roller marks. It doesn't eliminate them, but it makes it better. For paint I used Kelly-Moore water/oil hybrid, which has quickly become a new favorite. We've used it on lots of projects (my parent's built ins, our front room chairs, the inside of the hutch). It's great because it's got the durability of oil-based paint with the ease of use and clean-up of water based. It's a dream.

ANYWAY, the Floetrol and white water/oil hybrid got mixed together and I brought it inside to paint the pass through

I didn't want to destroy the new beautiful paint with more eventual stupid veggie oil drips so I went out to Marshall's and spent $10 on a nice little tray

I ripped off the sticker, cleaned up the residue with goo gone, gave it a quick wash and tossed our cooking paraphernalia on top

It looks a lot better (more organized and less haphazard) and now we'll be able to clean the tray by tossing it in the dishwasher when veggie oil inevitably gets on it

You like our tupperware of Kosher salt? We're classy over here.

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