Festool is for Lovers

Several weeks ago I came home from work late one evening and Chris began talking about storage containers. You may think this is strange, but Chris and I get really excited about efficient storage. And Chris and I have been getting some more outside handy man and design jobs and lugging a shit ton of bits cases, screw and nail cases and all the other fun neccesary tools gets very tiring. But it was late at night and I was tired so I sort of ignored him.

The next day I thought getting one of these storage containers would be a nice anniversary present. Normally Chris and I are really casual about anniversaries and sometimes don't get each other anything. But Chris surprised me with my first ever massage because my body has been really achy from training for some upcoming races, and so I wanted to repay him for his amazingness.

The next evening I came home late again from working an A's game and Chris was looking again at all the storage containers and talking very excitedly about them. I tried to tame his excitement in the nicest way possible to try and deter him from purchasing one himself, "Oh, those are so cool! Why don't we just wait till more house stuff is done?"

Chris relented. Disappointed but agreed with the "decision." Hehehehehehhe :) Then the next day I hoped on Amazon and bought his present. Our 7 year anniversary came about a week later (well, actually I gave it to him a day before because I have a history of this problem) and he was so excited and surprised. Hellllooooo Festool Systainer

Found here

Chris looked all over for a good organizing system for all his drill bits, screws, nails, etc. And though these come in pricey, they're pretty fucking awesome. Festool makes a ton of different kinds of organizing systems and power tools. And the amazingly great thing about them is that they're very interchangeable. Their organizing systems stack on top of each other and lock into place, and their vacuuming systems can lock on top of that. Or as they call them: dust extractors (even their names sound like they know what they're doing). The really cool thing about the organizers especially is that various systems have different sized drawers that allow you to mix and match them with each other. When a new edition of the organizer comes out, your older ones still can stack with the new ones. They're all about efficiency and simplicity. They're a company that really values quality.

I would also like to point out that in no way were we perked by them to write about how awesome we think their products are, we really just think they're awesome.

But anyway, back to Chris' present.

This past weekend we finally got around to organizing it all :)

We brought a bunch of our drill bits inside in all their various cases and started to sort through things

We made sure to group like things together and keep things as efficient as possible to make the most of all the great space the 6 drawers had

Each drawer is accessible from both sides of the container. They lock in place automatically when the drawer is closed and unlock just by pressing the little green part on the front of each drawer.

All the drawers were looking pretty good

At the end of the night we went through nearly all of the bits cases and only filled the Festool about 2/3rds, which made Chris excited to buy more drill bits...that man.

This shelf in the back of the garage used to be full of all different bits cases

And now they all sit in the cozy, not even close to full, Festool

Chris of course immediately started pining for another one for all the screws cases. I told him if he waited I'd get another one for his birthday (4th of July), but of course in his organizing excitement (and his new love of Festool) a new one showed up on our doorstep about 2 days later because he bought it for himself. That just made me laugh. Well, the nice thing is all the drill bits and all the screws fit in this handy case (that's two stacked together)

Here's a little sampling of the inside

That's two large cases of screws, a large "handyman" case and a dozen or so bits cases all rolled into one. Fantabulous :)

We've still gotta make the labels (in the nice little spot made just for labels)

This case is pretty much a dream.


Jessica said...

You know, if you had told me when I was a child that I'd one day be lusting after tool storage, I would have laughed at you. But I want this. I want it bad. Our screws are kind of sorted into a divided plastic craft box, but "kind of sorted" does not equal "easy to find." This looks so much better, especially the labeling and locking parts. Guess I better start saving up.

threeacres said...

OMG that system looks perfect! We just reorganized all of our tools a little over a year ago though so I'm not sure we could justify buying all new organizers. LOL anything that makes a guy that excited to organize has got to be good!

meryl rose said...

Tool organizing = amazing :)

aptpupil said...

it's a tough pill to swallow to buy a sortainer (sortainers are the ones with the drawers that we got, systainers are the open boxes that are used for tools) since it's $160. thankfully, meryl swallowed that first pill so i didn't have to. :) after you get that first one, though, it's pretty addicting. they're bigger than i thought and fit a ton of stuff. being able to pick up one handle and have all the screws and bits and drivers i'd likely use on a given project is a wonderful thing.
the systainers nest with the sortainers, too, so i could always add a systainer that fits my drill and impact driver with the drill bits and screws. or i could have set of systainers that contain my sanders and sandpaper nested together.