Hooray for Doors and Drawers!

Yesterday we got all the door and drawer fronts on the hutch. And the hardware installed too! We already had these two on

But we still needed to get the other 4 door fronts and 2 drawer fronts on.

In the midst of all of that we also put up the TV mount

Eventually we'll get a wall-mountable flat screen TV (in a year or so) to replace our current TV. Chris got the TV we have about 8 years ago. It has held up well, but there are some things we don't like about it (because obviously technology has gotten better). We're in no rush, but we figured we might as well put the mount up now to accommodate future wiring because it will be easier to do now than worry about later.

But back to those doors and drawers. They were all stained, poly'd and ready so I brought them inside

We measured for the placement of the hardware on the drawers: simple, just centered

Then we drilled the holes and plopped the hardware inside

We didn't attach the drawer hardware yet because we still had to attach the drawer front to the front of the drawer, but we just wanted to make sure we did it correctly.

Next, we moved on to our knob placement. And that was quite the to do. There were 3 options: knobs at the top

Knobs slightly below

And knobs in the middle

Knobs in the middle got thrown up pretty quickly, but there was a little bit of a debate between Chris and I about whether they should be at the top or slightly below. We finally settled on slightly below and Chris marked the drilling placement on the jig

Then we drilled and installed the knobs one by one

Then we attached them to the hutch

Next up was attaching the drawer fronts. We used double stick tape to temporarily attach the drawer front to the front of the door

When we were sure about placement I held on to make sure it didn't move at all while Chris drilled in two screws from the inside of the drawer into the drawer front and voila!

The finishing touch was attaching the drawer hardware

Unfortunately I don't have a great after pic of the door and drawer fronts installed because our TV is currently sitting in front of the hutch while we're completing it

But here's a close up shot so you can see just how purdy it all looks!

Don't worry, when the hutch is done and the TV is properly put on top of it we won't have wires going everywhere, this is just the temporary set up

What do you think???


Heather said...

Holy shit, it looks great!

meryl rose said...

Eeee, thanks Heather! :)

threeacres said...

Wow that is gorgeous! Love it! My FIL who knows all the tips and tricks recommends putting the knobs basically where you put them. His rule of thumb is to line the center of the knob with the bottom of the top rail on the door.

worry wort said...

Beautiful! The pulls are perfect.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Purdy indeed!

Hanging Light said...

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