Hutch Catch Up

We've been diligently working away on the hutch, and at this point there seems to be no great theme to this post (like "building drawers" or "attaching plywood veneers") because it's just been so all over the place (in a good, productive way), so I thought I'd just give you a summary of what's been going on.

When we last left off, the hutch was looking like this

And we had worked on building the face frames

But we've got lots more exciting things to show you - at least I find them exciting. And Chris probably does too. So let's do a rundown of how things are going.

With the carcass built Chris attached the hardware for our drawers

And used his amazingly fantastic finger joint jig to start building the drawers

And the drawer sides got sealed with poly (word to the wise, buy pre-finished drawer sides next time)

And our first drawer got built

Don't worry, that sticker will get covered up with the drawer front.

We also measured and cut our 1/4" plywood with a cherry veneer on top...

...and installed it on the ends where our open shelves will be

Chris used pin nails to attach it to that back edge because it will be covered, but PL Premium and 400, I mean 8, clamps did the trick on the other (we didn't want any visible nail holes)

Then we cut down the other sheets of thin plywood with the cherry veneer on top and attached them to 3/4" plywood

These 6 sheets of wood will be on the sides of the cabinet. The two longer ones will be the backing of our open shelves (the part attached to the cabinet are the sides of the open shelves), and the 4 smaller pieces will be the shelves, two on each side.

With the 1/4" plywood attached I worked on staining everything

And once all the shelves and backing were stained Chris broke out the handy kreg clamp and drilled for pocket screws

The backing will get attached to the side of the cabinet, and the pocket screws on the back side of it will allow us to drill it into the carcass without any visible screws. The shelves will get attached to the carcass from the bottom. If you look under the middle shelf you'll be able to see the screws, but it'll only be about 14" off the ground so you'll have to get really low to see them, so we figured it was okay. The bottom shelf will have a face frame and then the baseboards covering it, so you won't be able to bend down to see the bottom of the shelf at all.

Once all the pocket holes were pre-drilled I poly'd everything with two coats of wipe on satin poly

THEN it was time to attach our face frames. This step was really nerve wracking. We knew it would fit, but also knew that the face frame was maybe 3/8" narrower than we would have ideally liked (in order to give us a greater reveal over the sides of our open shelves). We spread some PL Premium along the front of the carcass very thinly

And voila!

It looks so good! :)

You can see the teeny tiny reveal on the sides (and we touched up the stain)

We would have liked a bigger reveal, but if that's the biggest fuck up so far, I'm totally okay with that.

We made sure the drawer fit - it was a really close call (we still have to build the drawer for the left side of the cabinet but we're waiting for our drawer sides to arrive)

And then we drilled it in place with pocket screws

4 million pocket screws, a ton of clamps and PL Premium: this face frame is going nowhere.

The next step: installing it in the room, eeeeee!!!!


Katy @ Turtle House said...

SO. FREAKING. IMPRESSIVE. Seriously, you guys are rock stars and that looks awesome!!!

meryl rose said...

Awww thanks Katy! :)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Looks AMAZING so far. I can't believe you're building this yourselves. Is there anything you can't do?!?!

meryl rose said...

We should have a virtual building party :)

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