I Built that Compost Shelf Goooood

Our patio has been looking like this for the last week

Yup, we're in need of some clean-up. And since we built the sports storage last weekend I needed to break down and take apart the compost shelf that I built.

Now, this all would have gone mostly according to plan if I had just simply unscrewed things, but all the screws were painted over, and that's just not as fun. So out came the reciprocating saw. But holy jesus that sucker and I had a tough time sawing through everything

Apparently the jaws of life were required to get everything sawed through, so I had to recruit the muscle. Damnit

And although Chris looks like he's not laboring at all in the above pic, I would just like to point out the SMOKE that is coming from the compost shelf. Yes, that mo fo was built to last.

We finally sawed through the shelves a decent amount

And again, this would have been a good time to simply break everything apart by unscrewing things. But like before, that just would have been boring. So out came the sledge hammer and I took to it like I was hitting a home run

Success! And it felt so good :) Our reciprocating saw blade did not feel as accomplished as I did

And once everything was mostly broken down Chris and I set up a good cutting station for me to saw everything down to a size that could fit in our already 1/2 full garbage container. As a lefty I get kinda turned around on the circular saw sometimes. And while Chris is a master and always cuts things just propped up on his foot, I'm always terrified that the saw will kick back and then cut my foot off, so I opt for a set up that gives me a lot of room so that I can use the saw on the opposite side (it's made for easy use by a righty) and makes everything nice and level and far away from my toes

The sawhorses and a clamp did the trick.

After about 20 minutes or so spent cutting everything down, cleaning up and tossing it in the garbage, the patio was looking much improved

Our garbage container was looking obese however

It did bring me joy though that I was able to cram our 4 1/2 foot compost shelf into our already 1/2 full garbage container

Though it doesn't quite close all the way...

But we've sent a lot more questionable garbage loads to the curb for pick up. Afterall, when renovating it's much more fun to try to shove everything you can into your garbage container rather than taking a trip to the dump. I'm sure our garbage man loves us.


Heather said...

There's something so satisfying about sneaking project waste into the garbage bins. Our bins are tiny (like a third of yours) so when I ripped out my basement tile it took about a month to get it parceled out in small batches. Now I'm sneaking dirt clods out of the yard between the garbage and the yard waste bins, 50 lbs at a time.

aptpupil said...

man, heather, you have a lot of patience. we've done that before. we're like those prisoners in the great escape who emptied the dirt from their escape tunnels into the yard - one pocketful at a time.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Sometimes you just have to show your old sh$t who's boss. Well done.

meryl rose said...


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Very good that you don't saw things resting on your foot!! That is asking for trouble. I like your demo philosophy!