I Finally Got Around to those Containers

In October of last year as we were finishing up the patio we laid some mulch down the side of the driveway

And because the line of mulch was a little wide, I had thought it would be nice the eventually put some container plants there to fill in the space and make it purdy

And seven months later I finally got around to it. I was also pining to have our herb garden back, and since I replant them every year, it was time for me to replant again.

The side of the yard along the mulch line has filled in with A LOT of calla lilies from our neighbors yard which I am much appreciative of. I love plants that I don't have to do a thing to and they're beautiful. But I probably should have done this planting about 3 weeks ago when they were beautifully in bloom, alas, now most of them have died, sigh

And so have all the container plants as you can see (as well as the buckets of weeding that did not fit in our green container last week)

So I trekked on over to HD to get some supplies to set about beautifying them

And one by one things got replanted

After about an hour and a half I was done with the 8 containers of herbs and 5 of flowers

And you might notice an interesting planting container at the end of that above picture...

Yup, a sink

When we moved in 3 1/2 years ago two sinks and a toilet were sitting in the backyard. For some reason we've never gotten rid of them. I had some leftover flowers that didn't fit in the containers so I thought this would make an excellent container. I tossed in the leftovers and put in some wildflower seeds as well

The other sink came with a pedestal so I've got plans down the line to mosaic it and put it in the backyard as a bird bath. We'll see when that actually happens though...

The other little container plant vignettes are happy and full

My birthday is a couple weeks before Halloween and my aunt got me this little container last year (with a plant inside that I killed...)

Hopefully this year I'm a much better plant taker-carer-ofer. I've been good with the veggies and they're sprouting and happy, so hopefully we'll have lots of nice herbs to add to our food and happy, pretty flowers to brighten our days.

And that counter/hutch update???? Well the counter is DONE and we're actually just about almost-so-very-seriously-amazingly close to completely FINISHING the hutch. I'm hoping we complete those last tasks today (questionable with staining and poly-ing the baseboards and then coping them in the install). Either way I'll have a hutch update for you tomorrow and hopefully it's about it being FINISHED!

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