Look What we Picked Up!


That's right, the couch is home and it looks fantastic! (minus the other two back cushions sitting on the floor in the front room). The upholstery place called us Wednesday afternoon/evening to let us know it was done (5 days early!) and we headed on over yesterday after work and picked it up and brought it home. And we love it

They did a really great job, and for 1/2 the price of some of the other places that quoted us, I'm super impressed.

There will be no more cushions sliding around either because they sewed on these little elastic clips to keep the seat cushion in place

And you can't tell any difference at all with the two kinds of fabric because they used the second kind for all the piping

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Here it was before

Yikes. And now, in all of its faux leather but still feels amazingly soft glory


I can't wait till the hutch is done and we can enjoy sitting on it, laying on it, petting it and whispering sweet nothings in its ear. And we're inching closer to that time. A few days ago all of our cables and components were looking like this

But work has been diligently done to corral the madness. We installed the wiring for our speakers

Chris made a handy cheat sheet to help him get everything wired up

And it's starting to look a lot more under control

We even got the other drawer built

And believe me, I'm counting the minutes until our door and drawer fronts arrive. Only 2-3 weeks to go...

This weekend we're hoping to finally get started on the counter too, which I am very excited about :) Now, just one more look at that couch



Bradley and Jackie said...

the couch does look nice! I've always been interested in finding a good upholsterer to fix up my thrifty finds. Who did the couch and if you don't mind saying, how much was the redo?

meryl rose said...

Hey Jackie!

A guy named Jose who owns Renaissance Custom Upholstery in San Leandro did it: http://www.yelp.com/biz/renaissance-custom-upholstery-san-leandro-2

It wasn't cheap: $725, but it was also at least $200, and at most $1000 cheaper than all the other places we got quotes from (the couch is 8 feet long). He did a really good job and is SUPER nice. I would totally recommend him.