Nope Counter Not Done, But I am Very Tired

Welp, that counter didn't get finished this weekend. It is installed, but between stain and poly on the face frames, waiting for everything to dry, then applying the tung oil and having to wait 24 hours in between coats, operation finish the hutch did not get completed. We are oh so very close though.

In other news I'm completely exhausted. My step dad and I ran a 5k yesterday, and although that is a totally, completely short distance, between all the training I've done to try to beat my best time of 21:11 (which I didn't, damnit) and all the house work we've been doing, I felt totally hung over all day yesterday. And today I'm feeling like a zombie. I've got a slow 2 weeks of work ahead of me, so it'll give me some time to rest and get to finishing that hutch! (and other house projects of course.) Speaking of which, I've got to get to staining some baseboards...

In the meantime, here is our beautifully labeled Festool: Last weekend while watching TV we went through all the drawers, made labels...

...slapped them in place

And then ooooh'd and aaahhhh'd at their beauty

Tool storage that comes with a built in spot for labels and a nice little protective cover for them?

Who wouldn't be in love? And now it's time to stain the baseboards. And then possibly take a nap. It is already 8:45 in the morning.


threeacres said...

Congrats on completing the 5K! We had such hot weather this weekend they cancelled our local full marathon run and only let people do the half course. Of course that was the day FM & I were out shooting our longest match of the year...sweating our butts off with no shade from 7am-5pm. And yes we're still alive and OK. : ) I'm just very, very behind with writing posts.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh yikes, that storage system is calling to me!

meryl rose said...

Oh man Robin, that is dedication! I hope you and FM did well despite the near heat exhaustion!!!

Sara, seriously, it's a dream :)