Once, Twice...Three Times for Door & Drawer Fronts

Once the face frames were built, Chris and I measured everything out to get the door and drawer fronts ordered. We were measuring things out to order them while we were making our cut list before we started building the hutch a few weeks ago, but with things really tight, being off by 1/8th of an inch on the measurements would not be a good thing, so we resolved that it would be safer to measure and order them once the face frames were built so we were completely sure of the exact size.

And when they were, we made our measurements

We originally thought we'd only have the center column have glass door fronts, but we revised our decision and determined that all 3 columns would. We perused our Rockler catalog to look through all our choices

But because we were going with glass we only had 5 choices. The two on the left were too fancy, and the center and right ones had arch tops and I am just not a fan of those, so Revere it is (2nd from the right)

Revere also came in a drawer front

But while we liked the trimming on it, we thought it might be too busy for our only 7" high drawers and we weren't really sure how drawer pulls would look on them, so we went with something really simple and clean with the Liberty drawer front

We were excited with our styles and measurements so we hoped online at about 9pm on Sunday night to put in our order. Alas, we were thwarted when we couldn't order our 4 door fronts for the left and right columns because they were only 11 3/16 wide and the online order form told us the minimum width needed to be 11 1/2. We were quite confused because the catalog said the minimum width only needed to be 7 1/2. Confounded (after trying a few more times to make sure we weren't clicking something wrong), we just placed the order for the drawer fronts and the 2 center column doors we were able to purchase (because they were 11 5/8 wide). We resolved that I would call Monday first thing in the morning to try and order them over the phone, and if I couldn't we would cancel the door portion of our order and figure something else out.

Round 2 of door ordering came when I called on Monday morning, armed with my notes and reading material while I was on hold (thanks YHL)

The lady I spoke with on the phone was really helpful and told us that the 11 1/2 minimum was only if we wanted mullions, which we didn't because we were only going with one lite of glass (we'd need mullions if we were getting 4 lites). For some reason we still weren't able to get that sorted out online, so she added our 4 11 3/16 wide doors to our order over the phone. We just needed to verify the phone order via email (a requirement of theirs for orders over $100), and then we were good to go!

I called Chris to tell him the good news that we were able to get all the doors ordered no problem and that she could add everything to our original order and that I just had to wait for the email to verify everything.

But then I started thinking that maybe 3 columns of glass doors might not be so great because you would be able to see alllllll the components behind them. It wouldn't be fun dishes or vases or pictures sitting behind glass, it was going to be a DVD player, a subwoofer and a ball of cables. Much to my excitement Chris texted me around noon that he was thinking the same thing: maybe we wanted to change the order to solid wood on the left and right columns? I'm trying to be much more relaxed about house stuff (because I can get a tad crazy sometimes) and so I texted him back to think about it for an hour, then let me know and I was fine either way and it was his call (I hadn't gotten the email to verify the order yet, so I knew they hadn't started manufacturing the doors or anything).

Chris texted again an hour later and said he wanted to change the fronts to solid wood and I totally agreed. Then it was Round 3 for our Rockler order: I called again and said, "You guys helped me order glass fronts this morning, but I actually want to change them..." The lady on the phone was super nice and got the order all sorted out for us (again). Then I just waited for our email verification, reviewed it to make sure everything was correct (because we changed the order so many times), and it was. Hooray: approved!

Now we just have to wait 4 weeks for our unfinished cherry door and drawer fronts to arrive in the mail. The 6 door fronts and 2 drawer fronts clocked in at about $275. A bit expensive, but cheaper than other places I could find that seemed to know what they were doing. Plus, they'll be made in the USA, they're solid wood and we've always been really pleased with the things we've ordered through them. I'll just have to be patient for the next 4 weeks, grrr :)


Heather said...

Four weeks? That's like 9 years in reno time!

meryl rose said...

I KNOW! Seriously, I will be counting down the MINUTES.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, that is a long wait! It will fly by. You will get your doors and I will deliver my baby! HA

meryl rose said...

Lol, our anticipation builds! :) :) :)

Ahmad Abdullah said...

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