So Long Compost, Hello Sports Storage

We finally said good bye to the compost. We really thought long and hard about keeping it, but we finally settled on getting rid of it. Here were our reasons:

1. It doesn't really make much soil - for all the food scraps we put in it, all the mixing around we do and that other fun stuff, we don't actually get much soil at all. After 1+ year we didn't even get a 1/2 full bin

2. It's a haven for spiders and other critters. I'm not terrified of spiders, but they're not my favorite. And whenever I have to go out to put our food scraps inside the bins and I have to navigate a sea of webs, it's not a lot of fun. Especially at night when it's dark and I can't really tell what my hand is grabbing onto...

3. It's stinky - rotting food doesn't smell good. Enough said.

If we had more property having compost would be no big deal. But because our yard isn't very big, there isn't a great place to put it without it being BAM in your face stinky and covered in spiders.

So that's why we got rid of it.

But we had this nice little spot to put something

I made a plan and Chris made the cut list

I cut down the wood

Then it all got painted

And then we started assembling

The plan was really simple: Just a base with an open storage area in the middle and a lid on top. We debated making it more fancy, but the prospect of spending only $30 in 2x4's and using leftover plywood was much more enticing.

I cut down all the wood about 10 days ago and we assembled it this past weekend. The simple plan allowed us to build it in about 3 hours on Saturday afternoon

We finished building and priming the plywood Saturday evening around 7 and hoped back to it Sunday before meeting my mom and Wendy for Mother's Day.



Mother's Day chicken and waffles for lunch, TASTY!

(I'm so lucky that I have TWO mom's I get to take out on Mother's Day).

When we got back home in the afternoon we assembled the top

And attached the handle

And then got excited about it

Then almost creepy about it

And then totally creepy about it

I won't show you the picture of my butt that Chris took as I attempted to reach down into the bottom of the bin, because that would be really creepy.

In went the basketballs and soccer ball (then we've got to corral the rest of the sports equipment and toss it inside)

Not too shabby for a weekend project

And it's nice to check something off the things we need to building list.

And tomorrow I'll show you all the drawer and door fronts! Between stain, poly, installation and attaching the hardware (which came yesterday evening!) it's taking a bit longer and I didn't want to just show them stained, I thought seeing them installed would be a lot more fun :) We've just got to attach a few more doors tonight and then put the hardware on, then it'll be BEAUTIFUL and ready to share!

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