Still Not Done, but REALLY Close

This title may have tipped you off: our hutch is not complete. The only thing left though is installing the baseboards along the bottom, so we're really close. The plan was to work on it yesterday to get it done, but that didn't happen. However, we have been completing little things here and there and the counter is DONE! So let's check it out.

After the face frames were installed securely with the clamping madness, Chris sanded it all down to beautiful evenness

And then we carried it inside and plopped it down in place. Look how awesome it looks with the open shelves on the sides

It's so heavy that to secure it in place we decided two screws would be enough. The drawer got removed

Then after some pre-drilling the counter got drilled into place

The process was repeated on the other side and soon we had a secure counter! Look at how flat and even that baby is!

Next came the task of finishing it off: insert Meryl.

I decided to stain the face frames first so that if I accidentally over-stained I could just sand it out off the herringbone before I applied the tung oil. I made sure to line the herringbone with frog tape to keep it as protected as possible

And then I applied 3 coats of stain (the normal 2 were looking a little uneven), making sure to sand and tack cloth between each coat

Then it got two coats of wipe on poly. After the poly had dried it was time for the tung oil, hooray!

The first layer of tung oil gets mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits, is left for 24 hours to dry and then the next coat is applied (full tung oil, no mineral spirits added). Each layer of tung oil after that (leaving it on for 15 minutes and then wiping any standing liquid off - much like when you stain - and waiting 24 hours between every coat) makes the surface glossier and glossier, so you stop when your desired gloss is reached.

The first layer really made the colors of the counter POP

And as I applied each successive layer (3 in total) we worked on other things. The face frames on the open shelves got installed. I had stained them a couple weeks ago and the first round did not go well

Something in the adhesive that Chris used to attach these did not get along well with the stain. Chris thought he had sanded it out, but after I stained it I sanded them all down again and attempted round 2, which went a lot better

And then they got installed

We realized that the ripped down 2x4 base that we installed to sit the hutch on that would provide a backer for our baseboards sat about an 1/8th of an inch too tall so we routered out a little strip

And installed a little piece of cherry

Which I then stained to match the face frames. That will provide the backing for the baseboards to be installed against. And speaking of the baseboards, I stained those too (which we had custom milled a couple years back to match the existing baseboards in the house and I custom mixed a stain to match as well)

Then we installed the last little piece of face frame on the top of the counter

And caulked between the counter and the wall

And how does that counter look after 3 coats of tung oil that give it a nice satin finish???????

Fucking beautiful

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Last night after the tung oil had sufficient time to cure we slapped some furniture pads on the bottom of the TV and speakers and started moving things into place

Things are looking mighty fine. But both Chris and I can't wait till we eventually get a TV that'll mount on the wall so it doesn't hog up beautiful counter top space :)

Now we just have to get to those baseboards...


Katy @ Turtle House said...

Hahaha, I was thinking this whole post: "holy crap, I wouldn't want to put ANYTHING on that freaking beautiful top!!!" and then I read your comment about the TV. :-)

Looks sooo beautiful!!

Heather said...

Aghhhhh, it looks so good! GREAT work. Now go plant some yellow flowers in your yard so you can always have some in a vase here.

meryl rose said...

Oooohhhh, I like that idea...

Deb said...

That's freaking gorgeous. Seriously - awesome job!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb! :)

Reuben Collins said...

Whoa, you have a super nintendo? Badass!

meryl rose said...

Hell yes!!! All the gaming consoles after that were just too much for me, Super Nintendo and Sega are where it's at! :)

Tamara Holland said...

I cannot believe how beautiful the to turned out. Great job, you guys.

meryl rose said...

Thanks momma! :)