That's a Big Pile of Foliage

I hope you all had a splendid Saturday. This is what we did

Well, let me be more descriptive: for our Christmas present to Chris' boss (who we LOVE, seriously, she is positively awesome, and so is her family), we gifted her a day of labor out of the two of us. She could pick anything she wanted and we'd be there. Her family is always doing such wonderful things for other people and her and her husband's yard had sadly been the victim of their constant generosity. So she, her husband, me and Chris, their three sons and two of their friends attacked their yard for eight hours. And this is what we got

That huge pile of greenery is about 30 ft. long, 10 ft. wide and an average of about 5 feet tall. Yup, we kicked that yard's ass

The other lumberjacks (one of whom actually was a lumberjack) were in various stages of showering and/or passed out on couches. It was a long and humorous day and we were very happy to help out. And I'm even more excited to be working at the A's today. The thought of lifting, pulling, lugging or otherwise expelling any other energy makes me exhausted. I'd much rather sit and watch baseball. And get paid for it. Have fun on the house Christopher! :)

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