We Went for It

The hutch will need hardware. Normally I'm really excited about this step, but for some reason it just felt blah. I found several drawer pulls and knobs that were suitable and sent the links along to Chris. He forwarded back his favorites, but neither of us were thrilled. Sure, our "favorites" were adequate, but we just weren't feeling it.

We really like glass (all our original door knobs in the house are glass), so I tried to stick with that theme when I was searching for hardware. These were the two Chris and I liked the best

Found here

Found here

Because we just felt like getting the hardware purchased I put it in my virtual cart to order just to get it checked off the list even though we weren't thrilled. But when the total clocked in at $100+ and we weren't ecstatic about them, I had a major flinch. So I fiddled around searching more and more. Chris came into my office to see what I was doing and shared his indifference about our initial picks. He said he had liked the knob, and just picked the bin pull because it was glass too. I expressed the same opinion.

We browsed together. Chris saw a glass bin pull (we've got them in our kitchen and LOVE them) that he liked. I liked it too, but it was a color, and so I got scared. I kept searching and searching and eventually Chris got bored so he said it was my call and got up and went out to work on the cabinet. I kept going back to that bin pull in a bright, fun color and wondered if I had the balls to pull the trigger. The hutch is a reddish shade now that it's starting to get stained, and so I thought a color might clash, but finally, I just said fuck it.

So here is our bin pull

Found here

And our knobs will be that same colored knob in the bottom right corner of the pic.

Yup, you might think I'm bat shit crazy for picking a MINT GREEN glass bin pull to go on our reddish stained hutch, but we went for it. Don't worry though, I studied the return policy extensively, so if it looks terrible together (which I am deathly afraid of, but I have my fingers crossed they don't) you better believe I'll be sending it right back. And then not know what hardware to purchase again...


Heather said...

*So* pretty. I hope they look good with the finished product because I love those!

meryl rose said...

Me too! I love the color, it just looks so fun to me. Here's to HOPING it looks great with the Dark Mahogany stain :)