Well, There are Two Doors

So much for attaching all the doors and hardware. I had a 12+ hour day at work yesterday, and when I got home at about 8:30 the last thing I wanted to do was help Chris attach the remaining doors and hardware, so we've still got just two doors attached with no hardware on them. But I'll gladly share those!

When we got the doors and drawers the first thing we did was drill for the hinges

Chris measured for their placement and marked where to drill

Then he drilled out the hole for the hinges to sit in

Once Chris drilled, he measured to make sure the hole was at the correct depth

And then he popped the hinges in

After that, all the doors were brought inside to measure out where they would be installed on the hutch itself

And then they were temporarily installed to make sure they fit correctly

When all the prep work was done, I stained and poly'd everything

And then on Monday night after things had sufficient time to really set in and cure, we brought them all inside to install. We only got around to installing the glass doors before dinner, but they look great!

As you can see the glass has been installed as well. That step was pretty simple: we measured for the correct glass size, called a local glass place and picked up two 1/16" thick pieces of glass for $3. We slid them into place and used a pin nailer to install them.

We've still got the 4 doors on the other two columns and the drawer fronts to install

Plus, we've got to attach our hardware, which arrived Monday night while I was cooking dinner

Here they are all opened in their mint green, beautiful glory

I'm really glad we went for it and bought these. The color is bright and fun and they're even more gorgeous in real life. I hope to have pics of them installed for you in the next day or two!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

LOVE the hardware!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Nikki :) I'm excited to finally get around to installing them!

Deb said...

Oh I LOVE those pulls! That's going to look amazeballs!

Heather said...

I covet that hardware. Such a good choice!

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies! :) We're HOPING to get things installed today so I'll have pics for you tomorrow. HOPEFULLY!

And I'm SO GLAD we got these, they freaked me out at first, but I love love love the color.