6 Week Veggie Update

Our veggies are seriously happy campers. The weather this year has been AWESOME so far. The last two years our veggies have been a little unsure of what was going on because the weather was so wishy washy, but this year we've had a bunch of sun and it's been really warm the last couple of weeks especially.

First, veggie 2.0

There are some rogue peas from the planting this past winter mixed in with the watermelon

But the watermelon seem undeterred and are growing happily

The beans are growing like monsters

And while the peas aren't nearly as leafy and tall yet, they're making some progress as well

I love watching their little tentacles crawl all over things.

Now, off to the original veggie garden which is in the middle of an explosion

The zucchini is super big already

And there are even some baby zucchini growing underneath the super big leafs!

The tomatoes are probably the most exciting to me because I LOVE to eat them. And they're getting near edible, so I am quite excited


The corn is growing big and tall (it's over 4 ft)

Now, I don't actually like corn personally, so this plant was for Chris, who is excited to get to eat fresh corn on the cob.

I hope nature keeps the sunshine and warmth coming this way because I'm itching to get to eat some of our yummy food!

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