About that Sink

I've been wanting to mosaic the pedestal sink floating around our backyard for 3 years now. And after I turned the other homeless sink into a planter, I finally decided it was time to do it. Up until this point it has just been roaming around and had found its place under the deck

So I hauled that mo fo out to get cleaned and scuffed up

I needed to scuff up the clean, smooth surface to give the mortar a good surface to stick to. After some trial and error I turned to the grinder to get the job done

And after about 90 minutes (with Chris' help to remove the hardware) I got the pedestal and the sink sufficiently scuffed

And I found out our sink was made in the good ol' USA on December 28th 1935

I did some rough measurements to figure out about how much tile I'd need and then headed to the ReStore to get some. We had some at home leftover from the bathroom and fireplace, but with about 20-25 sq. ft. needed, I would need more.

I came home with a pretty good haul for $15 (the tile in the bucket is from leftover projects here at home)

To get it all broken and ready for the mosaic I brought out a towel and slipped each piece of tile inside and went to town with a hammer (while making sure to wear eye protection because even with the towel there were still rogue flying pieces)

And I just hammered away

After I an hour of smashing I had a full bucket

And the sink and pedestal? They got a little prep work also. It would be really difficult to mosaic the bottom of the sink and the open inside of the pedestal (lots of different angles and the curve) so I decided to spray them a really fun, bright color

Then the last prep step? Plugging the plumbing holes. And I used a very professional method: taping one side with painters tape

And then plopping the mortar in

It didn't need to look pretty or be very even. And it didn't matter that it cracked from being too thick because more mortar and the mosaic tiles will be going on top. And now I'm ready to mosaic! Hopefully next week I'll have 2 finished project posts: the hutch AND our new bird bath. Fingers crossed! :)


Anonymous said...

I think this would make a cute birdbath too!

You're giving me ideas -- we have a stupid water faucet just sticking up near the patio in the back. It draws water from a lake rather than clean water, so it's good for plants. The pedestal part would conceal the line but it would still be usable.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it finished, and I love your turquoise color you painted with too!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

What a cool idea! Can't wait to see that all done.

meryl rose said...

I'm so excited to HOPEFULLY finish it this weekend, eeee! :)

Larry Williams said...

I'm sure the end results of the mosaic would be really stunning with its ocean blue color. It does help to give a soothing feeling as your fingertips get a touch of the cool water that feels like the ocean itself. You really should get this job done because we're definitely anticipating how it'll look in the end.

marble counter tops houston said...

Looks like a sink or birdbath. Anyway, this blog is cool, thanks for showing these DIY photos.