Bath Time

The birdies can take baths because the bird bath pedestal sink mosaic is done! :) This little flower garden area in our backyard was longing for the pedestal

And Wednesday Chris finished the grout for me because my poor fingers are still suffering (although now I've got some good scabs forming)

And yesterday morning before work I hauled it over to the flower garden and filled it with water

I haven't seen any birdies yet, but it certainly looks pretty

I love the pop of turquoise/teal that peeks out underneath the sink

And it just looks so festive with Charlie the Cherry Blossom

Which, if I may remind you looked like this when we got and planted him (hello ugly back of the house)

Pretty amazing for just about 3 years of growing.

But happy Charlie and our new, festive, wonderful bird bath pedestal sink have me yearning for a happier flower garden. While the lavender is very joyous

Grass has now invaded the ratty bacopa

And the birds of paradise just look depressing

Chris and I both aren't really fans of this plant and inherited them when we got the house. I find them pretty unattractive except for the 4 days the flower is blooming, then it just gets not so pretty. I think I'm jonesing to give this flower bed an overhaul actually. I may have caught the gardening bug.

Maybe I'll have a happier garden than this...

...in the near future. I smell another trip to Annie's :)


Anonymous said...

It looks very nice! Sorry 'bout your poor fingers -- soak them in some nice soapy water if they get stinging too much. I think that helps them to heal faster too.

Heather said...

Birds don't like very deep water, so you might mound some gravel in the middle of the sink to make it a little bit shallower. If you hang a feeder nearby they'll figure it out really quickly!

meryl rose said...

Thanks for the tip about the fingers, and good to know Heather. I shall put some rocks in today. And maybe I'll get a feeder to hang off the pergola nearby too!

Gene Anderson said...

I was going to suggest a large rock or two. In any event, shallower = better for birds, especially smaller ones.

meryl rose said...

Thanks for the tip Gene! :)

Classof65 said...

How are you going to clean out/drain the birdbath?

Your birdbath reminds me of one an elderly neighbor had when I was 5 years old, although hers utilized marbles and broken glass. When the sun shone on it, it was brilliant with color!

meryl rose said...

The sink portion isn't permanently attached to the pedestal, which makes it easy to lift of, pour out the water, clean and refill and plop right back into place. Easy peasy :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

It looks so cool! Great job recycling an old sink, so creative.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara!