Bird Bath Fail

After using sink #1 as a container planter I got excited to prep sink #2 to be a bird bath. And during this last week I turned it into a bird bath, hooray! I got all the materials prepped and ready to go

I spread out the thinset

And went to town

There was no rhyme or reason to how I put all the pieces down, I just set them in place making sure to leave a decent gap between pieces for when I grouted while also trying to make sure all the pieces were pressed in at an even height (some pieces were thicker than others)

After about 2 hours spent sticking all the pieces in...

...I was able to get the top of the sink done

Friday afternoon/evening we babysat Chris' 10 year old cousin and I thought it would be a fun project for her to participate in as well. She decided more of the pieces needed to be broken up

And she was very eager to help out and mix the thinset

I gave her some quick directions about how to lay the pieces down and she went to town

By the time it was time for us to have dinner we had finished the large faces of the pedestal

Then on Saturday morning I went ahead and finished all the other little bits around the pedestal and the border of the sink

I let it sit the rest of the day on Saturday and had intended on grouting it on Sunday, but I got sidetracked by another project (details tomorrow) and so it sat on the patio for another day. Then Monday I had intended on grouting it as well, but it rained all morning and then I had to go to work. There were a few hours of sun in between, but again: I was too lazy. So Chris rolled his eyes at another day of the sink sitting smack dab in the middle of the patio. Tuesday finally rolled around and I set about grouting it. Chris suggested just using the thinset for grout as it was an outdoor project and would work good enough and would certainly be cheaper. It seemed like a good idea.

But what a mistake that turned out to be.

It all started fine and dandy

But me and the stupid grout float were having A LOT of trouble getting into all the crevices so I elected to just use my hands. Of course, like an idiot I used my bare hands. While the method worked much better and much quicker, I'm sure you can imagine what happens to bare skin mixed with shards of stone? Yes, you guessed correct, bloody fingers. I didn't notice anything at first, but towards the end my fingers started to really burn. I couldn't see anything because they were covered in thinset so I continued till the job was done (which was very close, though I did see some red mixed in with the thinset, yummy.). When I was done I dumped my hands in a bucket and BOY DID THEY STING. And I discovered they were a bit ripped up. But the fun didn't stop.

Then it was time to take the sponge to clean things up. Upon first sponge whipping nothing was coming off. Hmmmm. So I scrubbed a little harder. In the 20 or so minutes it took to get all the thinset on, it was on there
good and not coming off ANYTHING. I was starting to get thinset everywhere and resolved that in a last ditch effort I needed to hose them off or else the project would be ruined. Carrying a pedestal and sink by yourself is already hard, but imagine them covered in thinset and stone. Yup, REALLY heavy. But there was nothing I could do. I heaved, grunted and labored them over to the grass and literally tossed the sink to the ground. There was no saving the thinset/grout on the pedestal (it was done first) so I just hosed everything off

The sink could still be saved. I sprayed it lightly with water and scrubbed with the hose. I still hadn't put gloves on yet, but by this time my fingers stung so bad there was frankly no point. After about 15 minutes of hosing, scrubbing and burning fingers the sink finally looked acceptable

The next sequence of events was not fun: my shoes and clothes were covered in thinset and my pants were very wet and muddy. So there I stood on the deck by the side door attempting to unlace my shoes and take my pants off and hope my neighbors didn't see my ass in the process because I didn't want to track mud and thinset in the house. I got into the bedroom and had to shuffle through my pants to find my last remaining jeans that weren't dirty while attempting to not get blood on my other pants. Thank god I have multiple slip on Vans or else tying a pair of shoes might have been the death of me. And when I finally got over to the sink to wash my hands, well, there was yelling involved

My poor little raw fingers. And let me tell you, not being able to use your pointer on your left hand when you're left handed? Not so fun. I've made the mistake of forgetting that a couple times and suffered the burning consequence. They're starting to scab a little this morning, which is good

But typing this with the pointer of my right hand and ring finger on my left has made me feel like a 6 year old. And also made for lots or re-typing. Needless to say, Chris will be grouting the pedestal. With grout.


Heather said...

Oh noooooo! The birdbath looks really cute but your poor fingers. :(

mary said...

Good Lord!
The sink looks great, though. Does that still count?

meryl rose said...

Thanks guys :) My fingers are happy for the compliment :) And Chris finished the grout today, hooray!