Hello Annie

I have a secret: my step mom and I have started planning our front yard landscaping, yay!!!! Which is good news because we don't water our grass and we have a black tarp over the raised bed to keep the grass and weeds from growing there, so I'm sure our neighbors love us. The rough idea is for NO GRASS, drought resistant plants, low maintenance, and plants that attract honeybees. With that, my step mom has started collecting material. Chris and I have no idea what we're doing when it comes to landscaping, and Wendy really enjoys it and knows a lot, so we're excited she's helping us

Wendy came over yesterday and we made a great rough layout of the yard with all its weird little nooks and crannies and we started going through her books and things she had flagged to talk about all of her ideas. Then was the most exciting part: off to the nurseries! Not to buy anything, but to just get and idea of what's out there and what we like.

First up was Evergreen in San Leandro

It had a great selection

Especially of California native bushes, trees, grasses and flowers that weren't devoid of color (though we'll be doing lots of natives and drought tolerate plants, we'd still love a colorful yard).

We'll be getting 1 or 2 small trees and this one really caught my eye

But it clocked in at $400 (or I'm sorry, $399) so I said no thanks.

We found a lot of nice bushy, flowering plants that would work well for the parameters we've set for the yard

And perhaps my favorite, the smoke bush

When I post about planting and landscaping a little birdie named Heather keeps mentioning that I should go to a place called Annie's. And Wendy's friend mentioned the same thing. So, I finally did (it's in Richmond)

And OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING. First of all, the welcome is great

And then there's this fucking amazingly detailed map of the place

What a dream. And inside? Amazing

Wendy and I ran around like kids in a candy store. Wendy for all the AWESOME flowers and me for the stupendous organizational system.

They had all these great bunches of flowers growing wildly towards the front

Wendy and I really loved these ladybug poppies (the plan is to have lots of different kinds of poppies in the yard)

At the ends of the aisles they had great collections of flowers as well

And their garden decor was so fun

They were also really informative

And they had signs everywhere to save honeybees and even had a little logo on all the plants that attracted them

And their plant write ups were helpful and hilarious

Wendy and I walked away full of inspiration! This will definitely be the place to hit for every single flower that will be in our yard. Their selection of annuals and perennials is just flat out amazing. And they're prices are really good too. And they're so damn nice.

Heather was totally right. If you are remotely interested in plants and live ANYWHERE NEAR the Bay Area, you have to go to Annie's. And even if you don't live around here, check out their awesome website, because they even ship!

Seriously, I cannot wait to get started, visiting these places and talking with Wendy about her awesome ideas makes me really excited to landscape our yard!!!


Heather said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went! While you're landscape planning, please make sure to incorporate a Clematis 'Picardy'. It's pretty and apt, no?

meryl rose said...

That will be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Annies is the big big plant buffet - it can be overwhelming so I usually plan ahead some of the things I am looking for using their website. Another super nursery that is not at all overwhelming is Flowerland on Solano. They carry lots of Annie's plants there and other interesting and unusual plants from other growers. Nice people running the place who are always ready to answer Q's and advise.

meryl rose said...

Oh yes, we love Flowerland!

And I actually grew up in Albany :)

Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Looking at that website I wish we could grow 1/4 of those plants in our area!!

meryl rose said...

It definitely makes me realize how lucky we are to be in the Bay Area to be able to take advantage of all the wonderful planting :)