Hutch/Cabinet/Entertainment Thingy DONE!

Well, that's actually a lie because there is a TINY spot that I need to stain, that Chris needs to caulk, and I still haven't poly'd the baseboards. But to the camera's eye it's DONE! :) The last thing on our to do list was to install the baseboards

(this is after we had to router out a little strip in the 2x4 base, install a small piece of cherry and stain it).

The baseboards were all stained and ready to be cut down, coped and installed

Chris cut things down and started out on the edges of the cabinet and coped the baseboards so that they could be installed against the existing baseboards as flush and even as possible

Then he worked on installing them by first putting on a little wood glue

Then he used the pin nailer to attach it in place

Once the two sides were done, Chris measured for the long piece in the middle. The floor isn't true so he had to take the baseboard back out to the garage after he had cut it down to scribe it a bit because the floor was all wobbly (very professional term). Afterwards he brought it back in to install it. But doing the little bit of trimming here and there revealed a LITTLE bit of the 2x4 beneath (see the little tiny bit of bare wood in the right of the pic?)

There's an equivalent little sliver on the right side as well

Yes, we are totally nitpicking, but it's nothing that a little q-tip of stain and some caulking can't solve, and really you can't notice it too much.

Would you like to see the view of the hutch from the couch????

HOORAY!!! Now, it's not completely glamorous yet as you can tell because there are still wires hanging all around and I think we can all agree: wall mounted TV = awesome (and we may be getting
very lucky soon, so stay tuned). But Chris and I are SO excited with a job well done. It's pretty amazing to think that just two months ago we were dreaming of this

And now we've designed, built and installed a beautiful piece of furniture. And every time I walk into the room I can't help but get a big fat grin on my face :)

Now, off to poly those baseboards.


Heather said...

I can't believe you built that yourselves. It looks amazing!

Gene Anderson said...

The entertainment/vanity/hutch/cabinet/thingy looks awesome! I'm very impressed.

Shasha Kidd said...

Congratulations! That's a great job!

Deb said...

Beautiful :)

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies :) Frankly I can't really believe we built it either!

Reuben Collins said...

Hey, that looks great.

kit @ DIYdiva said...

Looks AWESOME! You guys did such a great job on this. I loved watching the progress.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Kit! :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, that turned out amazing! I love the stain color and the beautiful hardware. Great great job!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara :) And good luck with baby Ash! Good thoughts for a smooth and healthy delivery! :)