I'm Gonna Mosaic Some Shit

You may have noticed in this picture of Chris building the garage cabinet that there was some mosaic'ing going on in the background

I'll back up and explain. Our front yard currently looks like this

Yup, crazy ugly. We've never done anything since we dug up all the dirt when we repaved the driveway and built the raised bed. Yes, you read that correctly, we've done nothing for OVER SIX MONTHS. And yes, that black plastic tarp has sat there the whole time. It's amazing that our neighbors haven't staged a coup. They really are great. And whenever we see them they always talk to us about how hard we work. Seriously, our neighbors are the best.

As Wendy and I have been planning the front yard (which I'm sure
everyone appreciates) we both thought it would be really cool if there were two planters on either side of the opening to the porch area. Wendy suggested that I have fun with it and do some art project to make the planters cool and exciting. I thought about her suggestion for about 3 seconds and thought: MOSAIC! I love our bird bath and doing a mosaic on two planters will be awesome. Large planters are pretty expensive, so Chris suggested we build our own. Fucking double awesome!

I came up with a plan for their size and we got to building. I wanted them tall (3 feet) and tapered. The top opening will be 15" (we bought cheap small containers to go inside of them at HD). And I just figured that 10" wide at the bottom would give it a nice 5" taper over the 3ft height.

So they got built

We built them out of plywood because no dirt will actually be sitting inside of them so they won't get rotten. We'll sit a plastic container right inside of them that the future flowers will be planted in

And I got a TON OF TILE for $55 from various salvage places and overstock at a local tile place

I got way too much, but I just couldn't help myself!

With the tiles broken up and planters built I got to mosaic'ing

After about an hour and a half I got 1/2 of 3 faces of the first planter done

It'll take me a couple weeks to get them both done as the next 2 weeks are really busy for me with work, but I think it's looking snazzy! And I will clearly have a lot of tile leftover when I'm done

What else can I mosaic?!


Heather said...

Heaven forbid they ever get you a bedazzler! Those are going to be cute.

meryl rose said...

OMG, could you imagine me with a bedazzler? Maybe I should go puff paint something... :)