Lucky Ducks

It's been a busy week for me over here. I've been working LOTS of A's games, which is always nice for the bank account (especially when you see them sweep the Dodgers), but it also means less housework going on, and less blogging. We do have a nice little update to share with all of you though.

When we finished the hutch we all agreed that it would look a lot prettier with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall

And I had shared with you guys that we might be getting lucky, and, well, WE DID! My step dad told us a little while ago that he was thinking about getting a new TV and would we like the (wonderfully gorgeous, awesome) one that was currently mounted in their living room? Ummmmmm, lemme think about that. YES PLEASE!

Last weekend he came by to see the finished hutch and go out to eat with us and he dropped off our new TV, eeee!!!! Chris still had electrical work to do before we mounted it so it took us a week to get to it. (We had anticipated one day getting a wall mount TV so we put an arm on the wall, but hadn't wired for it yet because we didn't know what kind we'd be getting.)

I was hopeful that we'd get to hanging it this weekend, but Saturday we had our belated father's day with my dad and yesterday I worked all day at the A's (which was SUCH. AN. EXCITING. GAME) and so I figured Chris and I would get around to it later this week. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the house when I got home and saw this

Yup, that's a TV on the wall. I was totally surprised and asked Chris how the hell he got that thing up there without any help. His responded with a muscle flex and a smile. I was impressed. And still don't really understand how the hell he got that thing up on the arm himself and attached it with no one helping.

But either way, it looks awesome!

Our plan was to wire it through the wall (into the hall closet) and then back into the hutch to attach to all the components so we didn't have wires hanging around all over the place

And now we can see more of the awesome counter

We're also slowly realizing that this room is really close to completion. We've only got a few more tasks. There are the frames we need to build for our movie posters that will go on this wall

And this wall

And the roman shade I need to rebuild/re-sew

Which the fabric came for in the middle of last week

I got new fabric for the shade (the blue floral pattern and the neutral) and then I'm planning to build a valance as well (the geometric pattern)

You guys had really awesome suggestions when it came to re-doing this project, so I'm excited to try them out and get a new (and improved and hopefully awesome) roman shade up there by the weekend.

We were also planning on building a new coffee table (this one is 20+ years old and was my step mom's when she moved out on her own), but the one we have now is still holding up, so we decided we'd build it later on down the line. We'd like to make one with storage drawers and get all fancy, but that can always come later.

I'm looking forward to getting this room checked off the list soon!


Heather said...

It looks so good!

meryl rose said...

It really makes a big difference. I LOVE being able to see more of the top.