Time to Tinker

I'm interrupting my regular blogging today to invite you over to an awesome site called Tinkernation (sponsored by Liquid Wrench). And you want to know the exciting part??? I was invited by the extra special recommendation of Heather to write some posts for their site, hooray! And today is my first post! (You should also check out Heather's post).

I gotta say, after blogging for a little over 3 years now it's really exciting to get to write content for a website and get paid to do it. I've been very hesitant in the past to advertise (and you can see I still haven't done it, though I may start soon), but I spend A LOT of time every day and every week blogging. And while I absolutely love it, it is a nice treat to get something extra out of it (on top of the wonderful comments, support, advice and positive attitude from you wonderful readers that I truly enjoy more than I can say). I will always stay my true Meryl self (sassy, snotty, colorful language and all) but it's a pretty exciting endeavor.

And what will be even more exciting is the project Chris and I will be taking on with Tinkernation and a nice little collection of blogging friends we've collected over the last few years. I can't spill the beans on it yet because we're still in the planning stages, but please stay tuned! Because there will be a wonderful adventure to be had :)

But until tomorrow, please enjoy my post over on Tinkernation. Happy Monday!

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