Yay for Pretty Bird Baths AND Pretty Flowers

In the short time that the pedestal sink bird bath has been completed I've found the flower garden to be sad and pathetic. Well, I have found it to be sad and pathetic for a while, it's only become more amplified by the fact that I love the bird bath

No one likes ratty plants.

The first task was clearing nearly everything out. The only plants (besides the tree, obviously) that would be staying were the lavender. Chris and I were over the birds of paradise and the bacopa was over us. And there was grass everywhere

Say good bye ugly flowers...

...because it's time for you to get ripped out

The birds of paradise actually came out pretty quickly

But after that all the grass and bacopa needed to get taken out. That took a lot longer because the grass we have in the backyard is ridiculous and the roots seem to go on forever. But once it was all out I mixed in some soil amender

Then it was time to plant. I laid things out to get a feel for spacing and arrangement

I got 1 salvia, 3 marigolds, a potato bush (I think that's the name of it) and 2 other plants I can't remember the name of (one sorta looks like a snap dragon and the other has fuzzy deep red "flowers." As you can tell I'm quite the gardener). Once I planted things I started laying out the weed block

We are all aware of my extreme displeasure in "weed block" fabric because it does not actually block weeds, nevertheless I put it down and crossed my fingers that it would do something

Then it was just the finishing touches: putting the bird bath back and following many of your instructions to put some rocks in the sink because birdies like shallow water

Look appetizing? I had to rinse it out a few times till you could actually see through to the rocks

Next I tried to put up a bird feeder, but the one I bought from HD broke in about 3 minutes. Predictable. Stupid made in China crap. Anyone have a good bird feeder suggestion that doesn't break the bank?

The last step was mulch and then putting the rocks back in place. And then I could marvel at its colorful beauty

The best part? The bumblebees are very happy, though I still haven't seen any festivities in the bird bath. Bird feeder suggestions?


Anonymous said...

You could always do that make it yourself bird feed do hickeys...I think they use peanut butter and then you roll the peanut butter in the birdseed so it sticks. You use a paper towel roll or toilet roll or even a styrofoam cup, coat it in the peanut butter and then roll the bird seed. Hang it in the tree with some string and you're done.

Deb said...

We just did a huge overhaul of our front and back yards - its my goal to make certain that I eventually will have all flower beds full of perennials that I can enjoy every year without having to actually get my hands dirty (I'm not a fan of gardening). I REALLY like that bird bath.....

meryl rose said...

Oooooh, I like it! Thanks!!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb! Yeah, as we're planning the front yard landscaping I'm making sure that only a small area is for annuals (the little planter box against the front window) because I'm the same way :)