A Planter Tower

Now that most of the planting in the front yard is done (we still need to do the sidewalk strip), there is one spot that stands out to me as plain and sad

The area immediately to the right of the hose where we took the downspout into the ground when we worked on drainage and is now just a small rock garden. I had pinned a photo on pinterest a while ago to make a planter tower right smack dab in that spot

(image found here)

On Sunday I got to it.

Chris and I headed to HD to get a couple supplies for various projects and I wandered through the planters and picked 4 that I thought would work well together. Initially I wanted them to be a bright color or I would spray them a bright color, but I found a neutral set that I liked and the yard is so colorful anyway I thought it would work good

I was initially thinking I'd plant annuals inside, but I got perennials instead so I don't have to replant each year (because I'm lazy).

At first I needed followed the directions exactly to make sure I stacked everything correctly. So I bought a saucer to stick inside each bottom planter to stick the next planter on top of. But as I started I realized that step was completely unnecessary because DUH you can just stack the next planter on the dirt you put inside

This was a good modification for 3 reasons: I could use more dirt (we have SO MUCH LEFTOVER still), it allowed for deeper roots for the plants, and it was cheaper (yay for $15 returned on unused saucers).

So I poured dirt inside, popped in the next planter when I hit the desired height, planted a flower in the bottom planter, filled around with dirt, then moved on to the above planter

For some reason in my head I thought it was going to be a much more complicated project, but it was super easy and only took about 45 minutes.

And ta da! All done

And now that nook's got a little something in it and doesn't look blank compared to the rest of our full and colorful yard

I planted penstemons in the top because we have those in our mosaic planters and the bees LOVE them. They go all the way inside the flower, it's pretty cool to see

Not too shabby of a project for $60 (for planters and flowers, I reused dirt we dug up from our yard)

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