Do-dading a Bench

Our porch is a weird little space

It's really nice that we've got a porch area, but it's a really strange shape with little nooks and crannies. Chris and I still need to jackhammer out the bottom weird step so people don't trip on it. After it's busted out we'll lay bricks down on the ground

Wendy and I have a couple of ideas of how to spruce things up and #1 was that we wanted a bench. We thought it was going to be hard to find a curved one, but Wendy found one at Lowe's and snatched it up

Although I think we can all agree, it's not going to make anyone double take at its beauty. Wendy had the brilliant idea of doing a mosaic on the top and I thought it would be fun to paint it a fun color. That would take it from kinda ugly to definitely wonderful.

I took it apart (3 easy pieces) and sprayed it "Warm yellow"

I went with yellow because I thought it would be fun to tie it into our yellow door

After 3 coats of spray paint I hauled it over to where I was working on the mosaic planters and got to work doing the mosaic on the top

And after Chris grouted the planters he grouted the top

While cleaning it up some grout got in the cracks of the egg and dart detail of the bench so Chris made sure to keep it pretty

When the grout had dried we put the bench back together. All this Made in China stuff is never built well, so the bench didn't really stay together. Any time you moved it slightly it got all off balance and fell apart. So we put it together with PL Premium to actually make it stay together

And of course the joints still didn't line up properly so we had to put a little more on to make sure the legs attached properly to the top

After we attached the legs we put a walkway paver on the top of each leg to make sure it adhered well

After leaving it alone for a day we moved it over to the porch and popped it in place. Hooray!

When I first told Chris that Wendy and I wanted to put a bench there he wasn't too thrilled because he thought it would really crowd the space, which is a total valid worry because the porch isn't super big. But because the bench is pretty small it doesn't crowd the space at all and Chris is a happy camper. It actually looks a little wimpy in there now because the rest of the area is so empty, but I'm hoping after we add a container plant and spruce up the rest of the porch it won't look so Lilliputian

Spending about 90 minutes on spray painting, doing the mosaic, grouting and putting it together is worth the improvement

Looking snazzy! :) Now we just have to clean up the rest of the porch...


Heather said...

Super cute! So cute that you should make a second one and continue around that curve. :)

aptpupil said...

heather is a bad influence.

meryl rose said...

lol, WHAT are you talking about Christopher??? :) EXCELLENT idea Heather :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! Is the bench concrete? If so, what kind of spray paint did you use?