Exhausting but Exceptional

A month ago Wendy and I planned out the front yard schedule, and based on all of our work schedules this past Saturday was the first day we'd all be able to work on it together (me, Chris, my dad and Wendy). OF COURSE it also ended up being one of the hottest days - hitting about 90 at our house. But we slathered on the sunscreen, guzzled gatorade and had a great second wind of visiting helpers in the late afternoon when we really needed it.

Wendy and I had the first wave of plants in the week before and we loaded up on the stockpile of what would be going in during the second wave on Friday. We had also bought 15 bags of mulch but we knew that wouldn't be anywhere near enough (I had calculated that we'd need 60), so while my dad and Wendy were driving over Chris and I headed to HD to get another 21 bags and some more supplies for our drip lines. We got back home and they arrived at just about the same time and we got to work.

Wendy and I starting laying out the plants

And my dad and Chris started working on the drip

Wendy and I actually got everything laid out pretty quickly because when we bought everything on Friday we had a good idea of where we wanted it to go

By the time Wendy and I had everything laid out my dad and Chris had set up the main drip lines

And once that was done they headed back to HD to get the remaining drip supplies they needed and Wendy and I got started planting on the berm

We had used the black filter fabric and not the cardboard on the berm because we figured it would hug the shape of the hill better. But because it was so hot the sun was radiating off of it and frying all the plants so we wanted to get that area done as quickly as possible and lay out the mulch before the plants wilted to death. Wendy and I had a good system where I would dig out the hole for the plant while she mixed together some amended soil, I popped the plant in its container back in the hole when I was done digging so she would know it was ready to plant. Then I'd move on to the next hole to dig while she planted it. I'd usually get a bit ahead of her so I'd go back when she had 2 or 3 planted and spread out the mulch. It was a fast and efficient system. And our plants were happy not to fry (you can see the front ones wilting from the heat)

When Chris and my dad came back they finished the drip system on the berm that we were done planting

Once the berm was done and the boys were done with the berm drip we all worked together on the rest of the yard. I ran around and cut out all the holes in the cardboard for the plants, Chris and my dad dug (and I helped when I wasn't cutting), and Wendy planted. Once a few plants were done the boys did the drip and I came back around after with the mulch

And we just used that system around and around and around

At around 4:30 our friends Luke and Claire came to help. Luke helped us destroy the old concrete patio and Claire is a super awesome hard worker, so we were VERY excited for their help because we were starting to loose it

Luke was an awesome digger, which was great because we were feeling like this

And Claire was a planting machine.

We decided around 6/6:30 that instead of passing out, it was probably time to call it a day (I counted 77 plants earlier in the day)

But the drip worked...

And my dirty arms and toes lived to tell the tale

But the best part???? Our front yard isn't quite done (but it is ohhhhhhh so close), it looks fucking awesome

Chris and I are SOOOOOOOOO thankful for the help from my dad, Wendy, Luke and Claire. We seriously could not have done it without them. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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