Halfway Through 2012

Clearly we're a bit more through 2012 than just halfway, but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off the last few weeks, so I'm writing this now, whoopsie!

We always spend Christmas watching movies all day long and coming up with our list of goals we'd like to get accomplished on the house the next year. And this past Christmas was no different. I also like to write a post each year about how on track we were accomplishing the past year's goals, and like last year, I don't think we're going to fill our sheet with check marks...Here is our list of accomplishments so far

Yup, not too many check marks.

We did FINALLY finish the porch and fix the garage door at my mom and CBH's which is really nice because fixing the porch was on last year's list, so they were patiently waiting for us :)

And we also finished designing and building the cabinet for my dad and Wendy, also a list item from last year...

But the celebration pretty much ends there. All the other items on the list are in a state of kinda-sorta-almost-done or not even close to starting.

Kinda sorta....the front room most definitely

There are only THREE things left to complete this room: build a little weight storage cabinet (already designed), FINISH our sports ticket table, and wet sand out the scratches on our tile (because Meryl sucks at grouting). But clearly for the time being this room has turned into storage for all the other projects we're working on: a table we're refinishing for my dad and Wendy, old pillows and blankets we use to pack furniture/cabinets when we build and deliver them to people, a cooler my brother used when they moved that I still haven't put back in the attic, packing material from my brother's ill-fated attempt to pack and ship a TV, and a variety of side tables and a TV we need to craigslist...hopefully I can get to some of that next week when my schedule is a bit less insane.

Another kinda sorta: the TV room

Even more pathetic is the fact that this room only needs TWO things completed to call it done: building our movie poster frames and completing the 2nd roman shade (and thanks to your awesome suggestions and encouragement I'm VERY close to completing it).

A very exciting kinda sorta: the front yard!

At this point we've definitely done the worst of it, and on Saturday my dad and Wendy are coming to help us plant so we're hoping to get most of it done. HOPING!

Kinda sorta stops there and turns into full on not even close. And that list is longer.

Earthquake retrofit and back fence

The earthquake retrofit has been on our list for multiple years and we should REALLY get to that so if a big earthquake hits all of our hard work doesn't go to shit. The back fence is an eye sore, but with our neighbor agreeing to split the cost, fixing it up will be awesome and 1/2 the price, hooray!


Again, projects that have been on the list for multiple years. The back bathroom has in fact been gutted for about 16 months...And we've had the flooring for the laundry room for 3 years...We really need to get our shit together so we can FINALLY use these rooms without tripping over everything (like the pile of bathroom renovation materials - tile, sink, fixtures, etc. that have been sitting in the laundry room for 12+ months...) Oy vey.

And the total pipe dream that we won't even come close to (though knowing us we'll probably work on this before the back bathroom despite what we've said so many times): the hallway

This doesn't look as bad as it is, but a previous owner decided to write all over a wall, we've got to patch the floors, rip out a corner closet and rebuild a new one and fix the other closet. I'm actually excited for this project because of all the storage fun we can have. I'm a nerd.

Clearly our 2012 list will not get fully completed. But I do feel like we've still been super productive, though this post sorta makes me wonder what I've been doing the last 6 1/2 months...Oh well, off to work! Gotta make money to buy more front yard prettiness! :)

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