I Can't Accessorize, But I Like Photos

I love our built in hutch that Chris and I recently finished

But those shelves on the sides are empty and and in need of being filled. As I have discussed before I don't really like accessorizing and putting random nick nacks here for nick nack sake was not in the cards for me. So I wandered the house wondering what I should put there. When I turned into my art room it hit me: duh, photos! So about a week ago I pulled out our bins with photos in them and took them into the living room

And Chris and I sifted through them

It was hilarious going through photos from high school and my childhood. Like when you take these really embarrassing photos with your friends

And then you trade them with each other

It's also really fun to laugh at the ridiculous outfit your parents put you in for their wedding in 1992

After spending over an hour looking through all of them and laughing with each other, we settled on 9 great ones.

1. Me, my dad and my brother Adam when I was a weeeeee little one

My parents had us young so I think my dad may have been about 26 or 27 in this photo. My brother is 4-5ish. I just can't get over the feathery hair my dad has (which is now much darker brown) and the sour puss look on my face. Classic.

2. Me and Chris camping at "Fish Camp" with my mom and CBH

This was taken about 3 years ago and I think is a good representation of our relationship :)

3. Chris in college

This picture CRACKED ME UP. Chris "built" this "chair" out of cardboard boxes. It has a drink holder, phone holder and magazine holder. I especially love that the magazine holder has Cosmo in it. I could not stop laughing at this picture.

4. A's intern "Buddy" picture

This is a photo my intern class at the A's took as a joke because we thought it would be a hilarious way for our department to remember us by. We took a few variations and this one was my favorite. We blew up another version to 8x10 and framed it in the most garish frame I could find at Michael's and gave it to our bosses on the last day of the season. It still hangs on the wall in my department and since then each intern class has taken a photo that now goes up on the same wall.

5. Chris hitchhiking

Chris and his friend Vern went on a hitchhiking trip when they were in college. I love hearing about it, it was pretty awesome. They have a bunch of great photos (including one of Vern holding a sign that says "we vote"). This is one of my favorites.

6. 21st birthday

I'm the baby of the family so when I turned 21 my mom and step dad rented a limo and me, my mom, my step dad, my brother, my step brother and my brother's girlfriend at the time (my dad and Wendy were living in TX and they send a bottle of champagne for the ride) went bar hopping (my first drink at a horribly white trash bar in the town I grew up in). We found this dog at a gas station when our driver was filling up. Naturally we wanted him to go on the adventure with us so me and my brother brought him in the limo. Needless to say our driver was not pleased and soon the dog left us...

7. Chris' college graduation

I love everything about everyone's faces in this photo (Chris, Chris' sister and his grandparents). Priceless.

8. Early baseball star

My dad took me and my brother to the park all the time when we were little and played baseball with us. My cloth "overalls" and knobby knees are awesome.

9. High School soccer

This is actually one of my most favorite photos of all time. This is my high school soccer team at my junior year winter ball before we took a "formal" picture together. I
love how candid it is. We all look like variations of hot messes (with me looking very drunk in the right bottom corner, which is hilarious because I didn't drink in high school). We're all either annoyed, totally not paying attention, trying to get ready, or just totally out of it. Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh and laugh.

After we selected all the photos (and clearly you can tell we love candid photos over staged ones) I headed off to Michael's and bought some frames (9 for $67) spray painted some and left others alone, tossed the photos inside and put them on the shelves

I still need to tweak and find something to sit the back photos on so they're a bit higher...

...but overall I really like the fun pop of color and personality all the photos give

Slowly this room is nearing completion...


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Ha! I love a good trip down memory lane.
(and that cardboard chair is awesome)

meryl rose said...

He was already a builder, hehe :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, Meryl! Some of these photos (ahem ahem, particularly 6th grade...) are so embarrassing!

Your house/yard is looking so amazing! Get ready for me to be stopping by frequently when I start school in a few months.

xoxo al

meryl rose said...

Good thing only I know who Al is, hehehehehehehe :)