Our Own Little Disney Movie

It's official: I am absolutely in LOVE with the view into our backyard. I'm lucky that about 1/2 of my part time jobs are done from home so I get to sit in my office and gaze into our partially finished but so far super awesome yard

Sure, our grass looks like poop and we've got a car sitting on it, but I love looking out at all of our veggies growing, the colorful flowers....AND...all of the birdies that have discovered the bird bath!

Here's a little birdie mid-bath

It took several days, maybe around a week for the birdies to figure out what the sink was for, but since then I see them fly by and take a dip at least once an hour. And every time it makes me smile

Sometimes there's a line and they have to wait their turn

One day there was a little rumble when three birds (two little ones and one big bully) had to duke it out for who'd get to dunk

But overall all the birdies, big and small, are happy campers

And I get to enjoy the cheery view :) It's like our own little Disney movie: happy bumble bees all over the flowers, neighborhood cats frolicking around and birdies taking a dip. All we need is Thumper.

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