Our Productive and Absent Weekend

Chris had a very productive weekend working on the front yard despite my being absent for nearly the entire thing. I went to my mom's weight lifting competition on Saturday morning (where she got 3rd place, woo-hoo!), and returned home to help out for an hour before I had to shower and be at work. Then Sunday I worked all day. I always feel really guilty when I have work at the A's on the weekends because it takes me away from housework, but we've all got to make money.

Before Chris was able to be productive, we had to get all the walkway materials for the yard. We were originally going to do this step later in the landscaping process, but we were getting the walkway supplies from a place that we were also getting some boulders from so we didn't want to have to pay for delivery twice. I headed out on Tuesday morning to try to purchase the materials (at a landscaping place over an hour away but they had the best prices BY FAR). Unfortunately I had to deal with the biggest fucking idiot in the world who told me that some of the stuff I needed was sold out and who was also just all around completely useless so I left without a purchase (thanks for the over 2 hour waste of my drive time). My step mom went back for me on Thursday (she lives about 10 minutes away) and made the purchase for us, hooray (and OF COURSE they actually had the stepping stones the idiot told me they were sold out of)! But that still didn't come without a headache because it took nearly 2 HOURS for them to schedule a delivery time. In the next two days there were only two 1 hour periods I wouldn't be home to accept it and they kept suggesting those times. Finally, 1-2:30 on Friday worked for everyone and I waited and waited and waited. No delivery. I called at 2:30 and he told me, "Oh yeah, my truck broke down, I'll make the delivery tomorrow." THANKS FOR THE CALL ASSHOLE. With Wendy and my dad's suggestion I called Saturday morning to ask for a credit for the price of the delivery to go to more stepping stones we would have to purchase later down the line (we only got about 1/2 of what we'd need in the first purchase). What followed was 5 minutes of screaming by the owner about what a terrible customer I was, how rude I was, and how he did call me (no he didn't). He tried to tell me he wouldn't make the delivery and I said, "No, we paid for the materials." Then he screamed, "YOU WANT DELIVERY OR REFUND!?" To which I replied, "Just give me my stuff and I'm never shopping at your company again." And I hung up the phone. I called Chris after to give him the heads up that the worlds biggest assholes were coming with our landscaping materials and might be pissed off. It was probably a good thing I wasn't home or else me and the delivery guy would have probably not been very nice to each other.

ANYWAY, long story, I just wanted to tell you guys why you should NEVER shop at Broadway Landscape Materials.

But back to Chris' productivity. When I left the house early Saturday morning our yard was looking pretty ugly with hills of dirt everywhere. When I came home in the middle of the day Chris was knee deep digging down 4" for our walkway so I joined in to help for about 60-90 minutes before I had to shower and be at work. He had already laid down the cement to cover the porch drainage and it was looking really good

By Sunday morning our yard probably looked worse (larger piles of dirt and strange dug out areas) but it was on the way to looking better

But we did have some really nicely dug out areas ready for our walkway

But uhhh, lots of dirt

While I went off to work (costumed for 1950s Throwback Day complete with a walkoff win in the 13th inning!) Chris got to work on the yard. He had bought the bender board the day before to line the edge of the walkway and help keep the rocks from spilling out everywhere. While I'm normally a right angle gal we resolved that the walkways should have nice curved corners

Once the bender board was in it was time to shovel the gravel in place (we'll lay stepping stones on top)

And when I got home I was welcomed by this gorgeous site

I can't wait for the mosaic planters to flank both sides of the opening to our porch. The walkway that goes off to the right looks great (to our hose area and then we continued the gravel in the nook because the drainage is so poor. We've got some more planter art planned to spruce it up)

And the walkway to the left that connects to the driveway looks just as awesome

I love the curve

But my favorite is still the view up to the porch

Getting the walkway started and nearly completed this weekend (I'll lay in the stepping stones for placement today then we'll lightly cement them in) makes me SO EXCITED for more progress to be made!


Reuben Collins said...

Oh yea. looks great guys. I really like your curves (last time I used that phrase, I ended up with a bloody lip, but that was under slightly different circumstances).

Heather said...

It's going to look so good! I can't believe how symmetrical you were able to make your curves.

meryl rose said...

Lol, thanks Reuben :)

Heather - I know! I was super impressed with Chris' work. I just kept marveling at it and telling him what an awesome job he did when I got home. It looks so good, I love it!

Vincent P said...

Great job!!
Wow, it looks great! I can't wait to see the finished front yard in the next few weeks!