Picardy Gothic

I've been wanting to take an American Gothic photo of me and Chris for a loooooooong time

(found here)

But I really wanted it to be after a day that we had worked really hard and were totally exhausted. Enter Saturday night.

Chris has finally gotten to the point where he's not totally annoyed with me when I make us stop what we're doing and take pictures, so I told him earlier in the day that we'd be taking a "staged" photo that evening when we were done to prep him :) He was wonderful and indulged me :)

When we were done planting and my dad was packing up the car I ran and got the camera. I had wanted one that mimicked the original with us facing forward looking at the camera so I directed my dad (Chris laughing at Meryl always needing to be the director)

And Chris and I attempted to get our shit together and look really serious

But clearly we couldn't stop almost smiling (my dad and Chris kept telling me to think of dying puppies. Boys.)

In the end, it's no surprise that I don't really like the staged ones. Candid are so much better

I can't decide which is my favorite (1 or 3 of the candids). But I'm glad we finally took the picture. When we finally decide which one we like best we'll get it printed, framed and hung up. And as my friend said on Facebook: American Gothic Oakland style :)


Lisa said...

I love them all. You could put them all in one frame - all in a row with American Gothic in the middle? Goofy The yard looks great.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Lisa!

Cheryl said...

I had kinda the same idea as Lisa - pick the best serious one and then all three of the candids and put them in a long frame with 4 openings. You could caption it "Picardy Gothic Degenerates to Laughter" or something.

If you watch for a sale at Michael's or JoAnn's you can often get that sort of frame for 50% off.

meryl rose said...

I love the title! That would be hilarious! :)