Ready For Round 2

Wendy and I hit up Lowe's and HD this morning and picked up plants for Round 2! Yes, I know, big box stores are not great for landscaping, however, we bought our solid foundation plants at a great nursery (Mid City in American Canyon), so we decided that our "filler" plants would be purchased from big box places to be more cost effective. Wendy, ever the deal and diligent shopper knew which Lowe's and HD locations in the Bay Area carried the best plants, so we made sure to make the best of our big boxes. We spent about $200 bucks for an awesome load of plants, 2 bags of garden amend and 15 bags of mulch (we'll need 45-50 more). Here are the beautiful plants waiting patiently on the side of our yard

We wanted LOTS of color

And we snagged 2, 2 gallon containers of Shasta Daisies (my favorite) for $3.50 each. Score!

The plan will be for Wendy and my dad to come over tomorrow in the late morning and we'll get our planting on! Chris' friend and his fiance will come over in the middle of the day to help out for an hour or so too, yay! Hopefully we get everything figured out, planted, drip set up and mulch in. That's a big HOPEFULLY!


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

You've made such great progress so far. Good luck with the rest!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Carrie! I'm so excited for tomorrow, yeeeee! :)